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i would like to know how much it costs to move my nyx to npc station from kepstar in same solar system.


If the station the assets are being automatically moved to is not within the same system, the player will have to pay 15% of the assets’ value to release them from asset safety. If it is the same system, the charge would be 0.5% of the assets’ value.


Keep in mind if you asset safety it, you wont have access to it for 5 days
*edited out incorrect information regarding docking in an npc station

For personal assets, by right clicking on the structure in space or in the Personal Assets window (Alt – T) and selecting “Move to Asset Safety”. You cannot be docked at the selected structure to perform this action.

IIRC, Super Capitals like the Nyx can not dock at NPC stations.

They can be wrapped in asset safety if i read the article correctly

But yes you are correct a nyx cannot dock at an npc station.

Everything in the player’s Item Hangar and Ship Hangar is moved into the Asset Safety wrap. This includes Supercarriers and Titans.

They can be wrapped in asset safety if i read the article correctly

Yes. But you suggest to fly it over and dock it - before you edited your post, making mine very confusing for anyone reading.
I guess I should quote people now before I reply to preserve the original conversation.

Imagine putting a Titan into a box.

FML. They call it science fiction.

ty for help guys, love you…

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