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With the addition of the personal mining ledger, it will be possible to have a site which tells other people how much you mine. Much like Zkill allows for bragging rights on what you kill.

Before I put in any time on building something, I was wondering if people would actually use such a thing?

I wouldn’t be thinking of having it saying how much you mine on an hourly basis, instead bringing it down to daily, and not saying where you mine. To reduce how useful it would be for people hunting miners.

If you would use it, would you just want total volume? Value (based on selling the ore, or maybe the minerals at a global refining rate. probably on the order of 60% or so) Split up into the various ores?

Allow people to tie their alts together? (just displaying on the main character)

Any other thoughts?

  • I would use this
  • I wouldn’t use this
  • I’d use if, but not with you running it.

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Sounds good for miners when the corp leader wants to have a statistic of how the miners are doing in terms of asteroids mined and stuff like that. I would personally prefer to have the statistics separated by ore type and perhaps have options to see the total mined so far within a month as well to see ore mined per day.

I just want to say something that you might of over looked when creating something like a zkill site for mining. Case and point: You can tell if someone mines in a Rorqual or not… Like that kind of information shouldn’t be applicable to everyone in eve. If you made a site that corps could sigh up to, to see it on more of a grand scale that would be a decent option but even then, it still comes down to the fact of if you, yourself wish to be on it. Realising mining ledgers to the public though ? Yeah sure as long as you’re going to also tell everyone that owns a super/titan and what time they log on and off… Just saying the amount of people honestly camping a system to get a kill on the person that mines the most in eve… There’s enough of that kind of savage ■■■■ that goes on without the help of a website imo.

You mentioned that you wouldn’t be able to see where you mine? Well it would take me 30 seconds to find out where the main area of space that guy probably is by what corp his in and such and then just go and scout all the systems for a few days. You would find them with ease. Mining is not like pvp 90% of people that use Rorq’s don’t actually want to spend more time crapping there pants about getting ganked while you’re stuck in space with limited options against a 15 + man gang.

Just saying a lot of indy pilots don’t want there data shared for obvious reasons. Chances of me getting tackled in a carrier with a cap stable fit…0%. Chances of me getting killed in my Rorqual with a perfect fit…100% while sieged without fleet/corp support. Just pointing out the obvious.

It’s a good idea and I completely understand where it is you’re coming from, e-peen measuring is always something that people like to throw around but in this case I don’t think it’s a very good idea given from the situations I have shown to be honest.

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This would definitely provide good Intel for choosing gank targets.

I wholeheartedly support this idea.


I think it would be interesting to have something API-related that can track how much ore/ice we’ve mined and which types, along with a running total of the value of it. Doesn’t necessarily have to be public. Give players the choice to show their stats publicly or keep them private.


You’re in luck. The personal mining ledger does exactly this. Last 30 days (iirc) so you’d need to duplicate it elsewhere, but it does present it.

Coming in October.

(Doesn’t tell you the value, but that’s just more scripting. I’ll likely put something together for google sheets)

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This will be gewd

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I havent mined in nearly ten years. Is there any way we can get this for NPC kills? Wouldnt it be great if we could see that the same damsel has been saved over 9000000000 times!

I wouldn’t use it. It would serve no purpose to me. I would rather have an in game chart that displays the ore and mineral prices of the nearest market hub. Then have it update hourly. That way you can get a good estimate without needing to waste time travailing.

Or a better refining window. One that is more in-depth. For instance, having an option for showing how much minerals came from what ore. And how much estimated ISK came from that ore. Example: refining veldspar and scordite. You could set to see the raw number or percent tritanium that came from each ore and ISK value.

wh statistic available?

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