Mining 'killboard' finally ready for an intial showing

It’s taken a while (mostly because I’ve been busy on other stuff and didn’t get round to it) but here’s the initial draft of my mining ‘killboard’, where you can see how much you’ve mined, and show it off to other people (if you so desire)

All names are anonymised, no system data is even stored. You can aggregate multiple miners to a single owner.

I haven’t got removal functionality in there yet, but that should come in a while. I just need to write it up.

I’m planning on adding date restrictions for display (right now it’s ‘all time’) and I’m thinking about other ways to visualize the data. Right now it’s quantity mined and value. I’m storing per day, so more complex display is possible.

Have a look, let me know what you think. (I’m not going to provide the data to anyone else, in anything but an anonymised form, so it’s not going to be a lot of use for anyone hunting)

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Nice work!

Might I suggest a “Volume mined” graph too? “Quantity mined” will always be very biased for things like veldspar, but m3 gives an interesting idea of “investment” (time * quality).


I have no idea what this description means:


But I like it. :upside_down_face:

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It’s a unique identifier for the miner.

I’m considering having the individuals being linkable too, without exposing the character names. (you only see them because you’re logged on as the owner. hmm. I think I need to add a logout button :wink: )

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I was thinking about that :slight_smile:
It’s a little more work, but nothing particularly significant. Just have to decide where to push the volume data in.

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Something to add:

Currently it’s set to update once per day, around 3am.

I’ll probably add something to bring in new people faster, but not yet.

I love it, although the mining ledger is ok it is to me (soft brain), cumbersome, odd, just not easy for a simpleton like me to get any practical use without learning C+++ or trigonometry, voodoo, or something.

How long does it need to update after initial “registration”? :slight_smile:

Right now it runs once per day, around 3am.

I need to put in something to pull new registrations faster. (Running the main loop more regularly would do it, but would lead to a bunch of runs being done which aren’t required (as it ignores today’s data, and only pulls from history)

(and I just found out I need to do something about gas prices)

thanks for the answer, my chars just got registered.

Like the indicator for your personal position. :slight_smile:

Suggestion: a toggle for Ore mined in highsec/Nullsec and Moons, to make it a bit less tedious to check/uncheck all of them individually. (probably on the list already?) :slight_smile:

Edit says: Maybe ISK per m3 could serve well as an indicator for quality?

Suprised to see that one miner mines for 8h straight every day :open_mouth: Must be one hell of a quiet location :smiley:

ooo. Missed that the chart package allowed you to exclude stuff. I’ll have to look into that for groupings.

I’ve now added volumes in as another chart :smiley:

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Looking good! :slight_smile:

Just a note about highlighting your position. Currently, there is no way to see my name (besides clicking on each name individually after login).

Makes comparing yourself to others a bit difficult if you want to check other peoples statistics too. Could we get an indicator on the general overview that says “<.-- You” if you are logged in?

It could also help to have your “public” name displayed after login (on your personal page). Currently, I am 41-diligent-tiglon-dispense-lazily and none of my chars corresponds with that name. :confused:

It’s managable with the few people registered atm, but it will get progressively worse with more miners.

Good call :slight_smile:
I should be able to do something with that.

Just had another quick thought => Could you make an option to let corp CEO’s access individual data? Or is that too much spying for your taste? :slight_smile:

Nvm this idea. It’s already there. :slight_smile:

An option to sort your individual contributions by pilots and we finally have a way to tax miners in 0.0, lol. :smiley:


. puts on sunglasses .

Very Gniess…


This is something to better handle with a corp specific app. :slight_smile:

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