Introducing Krabacus - Measure your mining e-peen against the rest of EVE

Krabacus is a new kind of killboard for measuring the length and girth of your mining laser’s beams.

User stats are refreshed once every 6 hours. I wrote this last weekend so I’m looking for input on what features people would like to see added


Necro-bump. This is actually pretty neat, nice work.

This IS neat :smiley:

Where do you get the data? Is it user submitted only?

Broken it seems. It would be nice to know exactly how it pulls data. How it evaluates the pricing on the data. Which region its using to gets the value. How non expiring api keys work on it vs expiring api keys.

For instance I mined 1.5 billion yesterday with an alt. Refined value of that was only 1.233 billion. So there is a really serious disconnect between what it says and what you get.

its been broken for over a week :frowning: plz fix so i can beat test.

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