Asteroids dont scale correctly

Is it me or are asteroids completely off in this regard? I find that a huge rock gives roughly the same ore to a small one and i call nonsense on that. A huge asteroid rock should give a huge return on ore and thats that.

What do you ppl thing?

Do you mean amount of total ore? Large asteroids do give more ore when you mine them fully, you might’ve just hit an asteroid that was already partially mined. In terms of ore per cycle, your miners can only mine a certain amount of ore every cycle so that’s not restricted by asteroid size

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larger asteroids do give more ore but it doesnt scale correctly. A twice the size asteroid does not give twice the amount of ore.

Maybe i am wrong and they do scale but i dont thing so

Ratio of high value ore to valueless rock can (and should) vary - that’s why we have survey scanners.

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I don’t know but in nature every rock doesn’t contain the same amounts of concentrate of a mineral even when they are of identical size, but it’s probably because as someone said someone probably mined some.

If I warp into the belt and see a 30kM3 Pyroxeres asteroid and a 30kM3 Veldspar asteroid next to each other, there is no comparison. The Veldspar rock is huge. Warping into a belt and see asteroids that are the size of moons would theoretically mean I’ll be there for awhile, but 4 cycles of lasers later it pops. This is even on new belts. Asteroid size should scale a bit better with the actual volume IMO.

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