Big rocks


Have you noticed that the 4-5 times bigger rocks only last 30-50% more than regular rocks?

I call that nonsense, anyone agree?

A survey scanner will tell you how much harvestable ore is in each asteroid. I don’t know why you would expect size and composition to be correlated - they are independent variables.

I remember the days of “Spodzilla”, a gigantic rock in Null that would take “days” to mine.

The visual size of rocks in space have little or nothing to do with how many units they contain.


right back at the start of eve there was a bug where certain rocks (scordite I think) did not stop growing. With only 10k online you could warp to a belt and find one huge scord rock, the rest of the belt would be inside the object … ie the rock was 100km across.

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Would be a cool feature to have though. Spodzilla was hilarious. :smiley: + The gigantic ore cluster that spanned hundreds of KM’s from top to bottom… mhm. It visually told you “Large Scale Mining”.

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Well logic dictates that the bigger the asteroid the higher the yield, it should be the case and it isnt. Thats just wrong

I would love to see that that would be awesome to see

You’re forgetting about density. A large asteroid could have a lower density than a smaller one and thus have less harvest-able material. The asteroid could also mostly be comprised of “junk” minerals and have little in the way of useful ore to mine.

Now let us bask in some real science courtesy of Wikipedia: “For many asteroids a value of ρ~2 g/cm3 has been assumed. However, density depends on the asteroid’s spectral type. Krasinsky et al. gives calculations for the mean densities of C, S, and M class asteroids as 1.38, 2.71, and 5.32 g/cm3.”

Real roids have a range of less than 2 grams per cubic centimeter to over 5. Damn solar system, you crazy!

heh… Spodzilla…

That’s a Retriever btw.

God that takes me back.

I would love to find a rock like that

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