Bigger Asteroids have More Stuff?

Some asteroids in the belts appear visually larger. Do they in fact have more ore in them? I’ve scanned several in 3 belts and although the relation isn’t one to one, the larger ones appear to have more stuff on average, although I don’t know if this is a coincidence.

That depends on the asteroid but in general bigger always means larger. Veldspar can go from single digit kilometers up to 17km radius rocks. Other ores never get that kind of rock volume in static belts (asteroids in ore anomalies are different). For instance, even the highest possible yield Hedbergite will always be a tiny rock compared to the highest yield Veldspar.

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Normally yes. It’s based on the type of ore as well had how much ore it has in it at server start.

So they don’t shrink as you mine them.

In regard to physical size I’d have to test that to see. With Kernite, I’ve had Fiery Kernite appear as a larger asteroid on the overview, but have much less mineral volume than a normal Kernite that has a small asteroid icon.

Yes, this was my question. My theory is the larger ones spawn with more ore, but they don’t actually shrink as you mine the ore out.

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