AT Ships - Seeding

(Arryn Hazlenut) #1

Is there a reason as to why the newer AT ships are seeded on SiSi but the older ones are not?

CCPls respond

(CCP Habakuk) #2

They were missed in the exclusion list - will be fixed with the next mirror.

(Demolishar) #3

Meanwhile keepstars which are even more expensive and out of reach for 99.9% of players remain seeded for no reason.

(elitatwo) #4

Aww everyone should be able to spam their space towns on the ca beacons and insta-kill everything with it…

(Frostys Virpio) #5

Keepstars enable feature not available anywhere else that might need to be tested. Not right now mind you but excluding them just to have to re-include if there ever was a change is kind of silly. AT ship on the other hand does not so they don’t explicitly need to be included.

(Demolishar) #6

What about supercarriers, the only ships able to use heavy fighters?
Or titans, the only ships able to fire DD or use a full size jump portal or use effect generators?

(Tasman Cabrillo) #7

That has been explained in 300 other threads, just stop. move on nothing to see here