Attitudes towards Eve

At Eve, there are currently two conflicting attitude:

“My way or highway”
“Let a thousand flowers bloom”

which one will prevail ???

CCP’s decision. No matter what player A or player B want. But it makes us feel important deciding everything on the forums here.


Doesn’t matter, as long we can still ear carebears squeal…


That used to work in the past, when EVE was a somewhat different place. Then the stupid millenial players and Gen Y players appeared, got spoiled by Farmville and Angry Bird, and now ruin good games and hobbies with their incompetence.



A third one will: “I pay for cash shop boosts therefore I prevail” :stuck_out_tongue:

What you describe has nothing to do with “attitude towards EVE”, but with “attitude towards other players”. It then should say “Our way or the highway”, because we are many and you’re the one with the edgy view, who repeatedly has stated he doesn’t play EVE. When you then come with your own view of “let a thousand flowers bloom” are you no different, because you really want your way to prevail.

But it’s good to see you growing some tiny balls and to start an entire thread on your idea of EVE. Maybe one day they’ll grow big enough for you to get back into the game and actually play it.

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That is:




Oh come on. Pearl Abyss has purchased TWO sandbox games.

You know it is because they are mad they got killed, so they spent hundreds of millions so they could end PvP and get revenge on the gankers.

Or they did it because the like sandbox games and think they can make a go of it.

HMMMMM :rofl:

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You can blame X Y and Z, bottom line is the bottom line, without the others you may not have a game to play.

This contentious attitude of looking around and spewing nastiness at others says a lot about someone’s personality.

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I very much doubt that I would not have EVE to use if stupid millennials weren’t a thing in EVE. In fact, I bet 100M ISK that EVE would be better off because ever since CCP started catering to this rotten mess of a human, EVE has turned more and more sour and turned away from it’s heydays. Fewer chars than in many years before are online, balance is completely out of whack and CCP does one ridiculous stunt after the other.

We used to have 50-60k characters online on a sunday, now we are lucky if we hit 38k. Go figure.


@Rivr_Luzade Look at the bright side you can play EVE on your phone if you need to chill out from all the frustration. :slight_smile:

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I’ll take The Middle Road for $2000, Alex.

–Adaptable Gadget


probably the highway

At this point who really cares.

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I refuse to believe that we are down to a binary choice.

I make my own way, you make yours. Flowers or ultimatums to whoever will listen to you.

It is, at the roots, a company and a business. Some changes will be made for business reasons and they will try to fit the mood of the customers but of the paying customers. Some choices may be made in favour of the game ONLY if it does not totally screw the bottom line.

But binary simplification of the complexities of Eve and of busness models? Just no.


What’s the difference? if everyone chooses their way, don’t you get a thousand players (flowers) choosing their own path (blooming)?

Of course, in this analogy I like to see myself as the gardener. Leaving the pretty flowers and weeding the ugly ones away.

Its only an ilusion. We are truly powerless writing here, and this forums is just for announcements of broken chat system by CCP Falcon, or for release of emotions by players! \o/

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i dont get the OP’s phrases but im going to assume it has something to do about Vets vs Newbeans.