Auction closed
low security(will upper -1.9, don’t worry about this now)
in low-sec Rakapas citadel
positive wallet,
2 remap available
good spaceship command skill(many subcap skills)
good weapon skills(you can go TVP incursion if you restore security)
good drone skill(but didn’t train mining drones and fighter skills)

good at ratting, good at missioning, good at incursion, good at clear DED site.
good at frigate, dd soloing

this post will be end 7days later after first offer.

start bid 37bil
b/o 40bil

20 bil to start off

go away

too expensive for me im looking for focused paladin or rattle pilot if you want to extract some skills then i can buy it

i won’t extract my skill due next plex sale. sry




30 bil

okay 32.5bil offered XD

not yet, evil :frowning:

hey how about 35bil?

sry have to say that 32.5bil is the max line for me

and me too, i don’t have any idea to sell my char under 35bil

Well, but good luck for u, bro

thank you buddy :smiley:

35b now if you want…


no i determinded sell upper 37bil. :wink:

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