[AUCTION] Slaver for sale: Orlon Zashev

And the cover-up continues. Congratulations on making sure Chakaid gets away with everything, Aldrith.


Well, though I have serious doubts about Imperial authorities handling this matter after the Ministry of Internal Order allowed him to escape before, it is a relief at least that Zashev did not end up in the hands of someone who would protect or otherwise hide him away. At least I know Lord Newelle wishes justice to be done, even if I don’t share his confidence in who should handle it.

I pray that Lord Sarum will do his duty, as others in the Empire failed to, and actually use what can be learned from this fiend to render justice against all of those who have sought to avoid it. Please, Lord Sarum, do what is right, no matter who Zashev’s testimony may cast dirt on.


Paladin Commander Aldrith,

I am proud of the ability of those involved to maintain opsec. This mission was a crucial moment to see that justice is going to prevail. There could of been 100 different things that could of gone wrong.

The discipline and loyalty of the Amarr Loyalists and allies truly know no limits. I am proud to be a fellow brother in arms. May god bless the Empress and Empire and continue to bless the Amarr Loyalists.

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence, Providence Victor!!

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


Does he? He was certainly quick enough to toady on up to Khanid in Kahah. And yes, Aldrith, I know you claimed that was all an act when you asked for my help with it… but no matter who you were lying to, me or the Khanid, you’re obviously willing to engage in deception in pursuit of your aims.

And what are your aims, above all? You’ve made that clear, time and again: protecting your family by ensuring the Empire stays strong, no matter the cost.

No matter the cost.

So now, when Chakaid is openly attacking even Athra itself with impunity, when he’s already shown he’ll attack your family, we’re supposed to believe you’ll stand firm? No. I’m quite sure you’ve already made sure the fix is in, to keep your immediate family safe. And Lord Sarum isn’t interested in the kind of civil war that would erupt if dirt on Khanid comes out.

Zashev’s going to quietly disappear somewhere, or ‘try to escape again’, and no-one will ever find the body, all conveniently before he can be questioned.

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Thank you, Samira. It was not just me or my family, however; everyone who put funds towards this bid sacrificed and agreed where Zashev would be best placed. Considering the accusations being leveled at some of us, I will not reveal their names, but I thank each and every one of them for placing their faith in this endeavor. I pray it will be worth it in the end.


Evening all,

As the winning party has indicated, the bidding completed with the Aldrith Shutaq and associates bid prevailing, arrangements were made and final transfers were effected earlier this evening.

I know many of you are eager to learn how much was on the line in the end and as no undertakings were given about keeping that private, I don’t mind letting you all know.

The winning bid was 200.4bn ISK.
Second highest bid was 180bn ISK.
Third highest bid was 146.6bn ISK.

A total of 14 valid final bids were received making for a total of 689.7bn ISK in the game at close of bids. Quite impressive really.

A number of people clearly wanted old Orlon very badly.

The Seykal Headhunters, the Expeditionary Group, certain clan and tribal parties and a few, ah, confidential partners and associates wish to thank you all for making us collectively quite a lot richer than we were.

Perhaps we’ll be able to do this again some time! Until then, congratulations to the Shutaq & Co group and commiserations to the rest of you!

Sesli Ashok,
Seykal Headhunters


Behold! The evidence of liberal corruption and their grotesque consorting with heretics, rebels and criminals is laid bare for all to see!

Isn’t it clear to all who love Holy Amarr? Isn’t clear to those who love the Empire and Kingdom? Isn’t it clear to the righteous and the pure of blood and faith that what we have above is heresy and treason, plain and simple?

This is sedition! This is blasphemy! The vilest of Minmatar rebels have been enriched to the tune of hundreds of billions of ISK! All this while the injured and dispossessed of Kahah, Thebeka, Anath, Dakba and other places recover from the ravages of Minmatar terror hand-in-hand with Blooder cultist evil. Think of how much those poor souls could have benefited from such largesse!

And let us not forget the festering, pus-swollen cyst at the heart of all this vileness! The Ammatar apostasy and treachery continues! Look you how one of the most evil of Ammatar terror witches approves of all that has gone on! See how the foppish, liberal fool Shutaq fawns and slobbers at the merest praise from the heretic!

This is beyond all limits! It is clear that liberalism and capsuleer arrogance has waxed over strong and too long in the affairs of Holy Amarr. There will have to be a reckoning for this and by the oath I have taken to my King and to the true destiny of Holy Amarr, there will be one!

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Sa-Baron of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III


I stand forward for anyone who may wish to judge me. I stand by my actions and words. If anyone worthy shall condemn me, I shall accept it.


I’m judging everyone who decided that this was a good thing to spend two hundred billion isk on.


A lot of noise there Chakaid. Do us a favour and stop whining at the loss of a pawn, makes you look kinda infantile. How much isk flows from the Kingdom to heathen hands under trade agreements? Wasn’t one of the late King’s favourites a Gallantean? Or how about the various times the Kingdom has sheltered those the Empire deemed heretics? And now you start yapping about heresy and sedition when it’s not gone in the Kingdom’s favour? Hypocritical. Please do explain the reported presence of Khanid naval forces in what is supposed to be Sarum controlled space…

The criminal will be in Amarrian custody under the Sarum family, I’m satisfied with this conclusion.


For 200 billion they could have paid for a proper defence of Kahan and Thebeka… Among other things.


If we knew about it in advance, which we didn’t. And if we were authorised and responsible for the security beyond private estates, which we aren’t and weren’t, but nice logic.

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This just sounds like sour grapes, honey. As Mr. Onzo stated, that would have involved knowing about the attack.

Better luck next time.

Oh I forgot. Space doesn’t matter and isn’t included in logical calculations of one’s defence or casualty reporting.

Again, if we knew in advance and space was the major element involved in the attacks… Nice cherries you’re picking there

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To make it clear, the amount of isk I personally contributed to Lord Newell was 5b to see this man handed over to the Amarrian authorities. I wanted to hear him sing to PIE and LUMEN first, then handed over, but events overtook that possibility.

I would have gladly put that isk towards security upgrades had the call for such been made, or knowledge of its future need forthcoming. I’ve donated that much and more towards charitable causes in both isk and asset form, so giving money away for all sorts of reasons is not an issue for me. It’s not a case of pick and choose, it’s about contributing to what I can see needs it and needs it now.


Or a good chunk towards acquiring a Molok, Komodo, or Vanquisher. After all, they are the most powerful vessels in the cluster.

What a waste to spend on one measly slaver.

Your priorities are totally out of line.

Those things would be pretty useless to us. Justice however, isn’t.


For the record, the third highest bid was ours. (I have said 160M in some comms earlier; that is the figure that is in error. Sorry about that, my bad.)

I remind all that my prize pool for RJD wanted criminals with ties to or leads for the Rens attacks predates this bidding competition and will remain in effect.

I have contacted all contributors to this bid today, and will release a list of them as well as the prize sum after withdrawals from those who only were in for Zashev some time in the coming days.

I suppose this also serves as a public show of how deep Thukker ties to the Republic go.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari


Well you won’t be getting that from the Empire.

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