Can Sesli Ashok tell us the tale about how her and her people nabbed Orlon Zashev?

Don’t mistake my tone. I’m not asking this question like there’s some kind of conspiracy behind how her clan managed to get this guy… Despite acknowledging there being figures behind the scene with cloak and dagger remaining confidential.

I’m just genuinely curious if @Sesli_Ashok would be so generous to tell us the heroic (or maybe mundane and villainous) story about how the Seykal Expeditionary ground nabbed our boy Orlon Zashev

And this may come off as trying to butter her up and well… Yes. Yes I’m trying to butter her up, precisely. I’m not gonna front.

Because people typically are so nasty towards her - and I’m not denying the negativity might be rightfully earned - I just find myself wanting to give props where it’s due as I find myself actually impressed with how they managed to catch this guy sleeping (Probably literally) and capitalize on the heat this guy had and turned a half billion bounty into a two hundred billion ISK ransom.

That is a chunk of kred I ain’t gonna scoff at. The same people that look down on her and her ilk are the same people who slammed billions of ISK down on a table infront of her for the honors of having their hands around this guy’s neck.

People will hate that they didn’t do the “right thing” and just turn them over to the authorities and take that humble little bounty - and that’s all well and good to debate on. However I just can’t hate how much of an opportunity they knew they had, their ability to capitalize on it and run off with nearly a quarter of a trillion ISK.

I can’t hate, I can only find myself impressed. Maybe even a little inspired…

So here I am - humbly asking if Sesli reads this thread and consider telling us the tale about they managed to catch this guy - maybe grace us with some pro-tips on hunting high value marks. I ain’t expecting her to tell us any of the real confidential stuff like the people involved, but surely there’s no harm in telling about the operation itself after it’s been two years.

Also if you’re reading this Sesli, I’m grey curious what you or your people do with 200 billion ISK in liquid. Everyone has their ideas about what they do with that much, but I wanna hear what ideas you’ve had. Because I can’t imagine how i could spend that much kred, so I’m interested to hear that much if you can tell us the story.


I mean, it’s an impressive lump of cash, but it’s not exactly SEG’s merit that they got that much ISK, now is it?
Capsuleers + something rare = stupid amounts of money changing hands regardless if it’s worth it or not.

P.S. It’s easy to hate people who threaten to kill people you love and dangle their “get out of jail free” -card in front of your face too.


I must admit, I am rather curious as well. This is certainly not my shared affinity for being a charming pain-in-the-ass I have with Sesli speaking, either.


I guess the answer is no.

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“Sources and methods” are normally very classified. Half her story would likely be redacted in any declassified form from a nation that believes in openess of information. From the Thukker, I am not sure.

Then again, she could completely ■■■■■■■■ it and it would still be fun.


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