The Intergalactic Summit refuses to comment on the Human Trafficking Auction of KIDNAPPED O.R.E RESEARCHER

For 20 consecutive months , KROOKBORNE Interrogation Agency (K.I.A) have been working tirelessly in order to extract a substantial amount of information regarding the INTERDICTION NULLIFICATION process and advanced understandings of WARP CORE STABILIZATION from KIDNAPPED O.R.E Researcher assigned #47.

Luckily for our glorious Corporation KROOKBORNE , Kidnapped O.R.E Researcher #47 specialized in the direct use of the aforementioned in the field of transport, Director of both the Deep Space Transport and Blockade Runner department prior to his transfer to compression technologies.

Utilizing the highly TOP SECRET knowledge researcher #47 was able to … “willingly provide” our K.I.A Intelligence agents , KROOKBORNE border agents were able to have quite a remarkable year of Hauler Repossessions in YC-125

As receipts speak louder than words , here’s a record of our resounding success thanks to the knowledge researcher #47 was able to provide in YC 125

and for those of you at the INTERGALACTIC SUMMIT that can’t read here’s a VERY SMALL visual representation of some of our glorious success in YC 125

As you can clearly see , the information KIDNAPPED O.R.E RESEARCHER #47 can provide a PIRATE Corporation can be invaluable when proper extraction methods are applied with the right amount of time.

As we at Krookborne no longer require his services , we are announcing THE FINAL SALE OF KIDNAPPED RESEARCHER NUMBER #47

(Fedo’s , Drugs and Exotic Dancer’s not Included )

You have seen what #47’s knowledge can produce… NOW MAKE YOUR OFFER .

You may contact me here
For quick immediate responses in New Eden , mail or MSG my champion LEGION MASSER

The God of Thera

This sounds serious.

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10 ISK

Listing your total Pirating Career Kill value in ISK here in this serious Auction is quite simply put , off topic and brings shame to the founders of your Corporation


12 ISK

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, I was busy facilitating another repossession thanks to the insights extracted from our priceless KIDNAPPED O.R.E Researcher

PLS only serious offers. As you can see , some of us are quite busy

Maybe , the mere weekly totals of a Corporation blessed by Kidnapped O.R.E Researcher #47 technological insights will inspire you to perform better

I have provided countless proof of #47’s value


If you don’t consider my offer serious you need to set a reserve price, or some sort of expectation of the price range you’re looking for. “Priceless” doesn’t cut it. Actual numbers would be helpful.

You really don’t understand the term " OFFER "

With career numbers like yours , it doesn’t shock me

You could refrain from insulting your customer base, that would be wise business practice.

It’s common for any auction to have a reserve price. I don’t see why you’re being so evasive about this.

I am not insulting a customer , I am dealing with a post derail’r

If you felt insulted , I am merely reciprocating from receiving such a ridiculous response - We both know you made no serious offer .

I make MY AUCTION rules, not you

How is asking for a reserve price for an auction derailing the topic.

If YOU make your auction rules, that’s lovely and just fine. Now mind telling the rest of us what those rules ARE (i.e reserve price, bidding timeframe) so we can actually make bids?


Rules Are:



You didn’t set a reserve price, so I made an offer reasonable given the price of human capital in my society (i.e dirt cheap, we keep slaves remember (well not me personally, but you know how it is here, right…)). Note that just 1 ISK can, in some systems, feed an entire family for an entire year. (source) So my initial offer of 10 ISK was, I thought, reasonable given that we’re only talking about one person here. A talented person no doubt, but just one.

Since you seem to find this offer SO insulting, well, fine. Sorry about that. Please give me an example of an acceptable offer so I (and others) don’t offend you again.

For starters , only a fool would think we wanted ISK for someone so valuable - ISK doesn’t matter, We made a Billion in mining junk whilst we were replying to you -Offering ISK to such a successful Corporation isn’t reasonable at all , esp such an unreasonably low value.

Had you been a serious Customer , you would have done your research.

Had you done your research you would’ve found his seling auction advertisement up in that particular section

Had you done your research you would have known O.R.E was paying a bounty of 1 Billion ISK well over 20 months ago in order to crush all leaks of this Top Secret Information

We at Krookbourne recognized our Kidnapped O.R.E Researchers true value and went through considerable effort to extract TOP SECRET Tech 2 Hauler critical system overloads during the past 20 months he has been held captive.

We are looking for offers or we woulda said ISK

Top secret information, whatever. I’m sure someone cares but I sure don’t, because knowing all that stuff I’m sure I’ll still get ganked on the Jita pipe run anyway. I only care about what he’s worth to me personally. The photos look okay but it’s hard to determine muscle definition with that coat on. Unless I can get some full body shots 14 ISK is my final offer.

If you consider that insulting, so be it, you haven’t exactly been very nice in return or very forthcoming with information for that matter even though my questions have been rather basic.


So be it.

Worse than dealing with Abudban customs, I swear…

The Haulers of Thera beg to differ

When your whole alliance’s ‘career numbers’ are less than 3x those of a dedicated logistics pilot, maybe that’s not a metric to be focusing on. All these ‘reposessions’ are meaningless ganks. You don’t need some babble from a nameless researcher to set up on a wormhole with an interdictor.

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