Held captive by Thera Pirates for over 20 months … Now for Sale
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Sent you a mail :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your interest

Considering the rarity of our beloved ORE RESEARCHER and his unique abilities (see: The Intergalactic Summit refuses to comment on the Human Trafficking Auction of KIDNAPPED O.R.E RESEARCHER )

Our researcher may fetch quite a steep price - As ISK no longer has any real meaning to a highly successful corporation , interesting Barters of equal value and rarity is encouraged , otherwise , the ISK price will be high

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He needs to be reunited with his remaining friends! My hangar has enough exotic dancers and fedos to keep all of them entertained.

Unfortunately fedos and dancers are acquired on a monthly basis here , what we are looking for is more:
-Rare Ship Hulls
-Rare Ship Skins
-God Rolled Abyssal Modules
-Rare Officer modules
-Information leading to the successful repossession of high value target
(AKA discrete sabotage of corporation assets )

These sorts of things should all be considered long before ISK or whether we care about his family or his fellow researchers missing him

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