Greetings ORE

We have seen the recent coverage of your still missing ORE Industries Scientists on the newest release of The Scope.
Unfortunately , one of your ORE SCIENTIST was found in the wreckage of a recent Hauler repossession in THERA.

Remember ORE, We feel his life is worth more then a Billion Isk


So instead of selling to someone like ORE, why not instead make a profit and help out further the development of Serpentis and Cartel interests.

Instead let me give you an offer 1,.25b isk for this person. 150m more if you deliver it to Rakapas or Tama.

M. Sorn
Sorn Interstellar

I will one up his purchase and offer 1.5b If you delivery to LXQ, Preferably in something with big enough holds for luxury travel!

I want him for… science?

Greeting fellow pirates :

Although your offer of ISK is quite gracious , we at Krookborne wont be taking any ISK offers for our Scientist , regardless of amount. For ISK is of no concern to us and something for the Miners to worry about.

It has come to our attention , as it should have yours
The Scope itself has confirmed through an Outer Ring Excavations Agent over 40 Scientist have been returned to their families making us realize our man considerably more rare then before their ill timed announcement and their initial 1 Billion ISK offer.
So rare in fact , we are thinking perhaps a Trade of equal rarity as your precious ORE Scientist … he is quite brilliant after all.

Open to Offers
You Know who to contact

The topic is intriguing, but the Intergalactic Summit might be a more appropriate forum for opening negotiations with ORE.

Thank You kind Sir for your input , perhaps we shall explore the avenue you have so graciously informed us of


Kind Sir,
First, let me take the opportunity to congratulate you on the fine care you have given the ORE scientist providing him with food, drink, and company. If I were being held hostage, you would definitely be my choice of captor.
I know you said that you were not very open to offers of isk, I am sure an offer of 5bil would change your mind. Let me take the hassle of trying to get ORE to pay up off your hands. It really is a bother for someone as busy as you with hauler repossessions, inventory analysis, wh respawning, et all.
Please let me know if this fine offer catches your eye.
The Pickle

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Ahhh Greetings The Great and Mighty PickleWeasel !

As much as we appreciate your very very kind offer of 5 Billion ISK for our man , believe it or not , has not been our highest declined offer . Once again we reiterate
NO AMOUNT OF ISK OFFERED WILL SUFFICE as its not about the ISK and never was

We at Krookborne and Seventh Sanctum love ISK as much as any other pirate which is why our Agents are trained in Hauler repossession and Cloud Ring Initiative Control , which pays well enough to keeps the lights the on.

Offer was appreciated but will have to respectfully decline good sir
A few shocking allegations from our exotic dancers have sprung forth involving our Scientist , no further action was taken at this time but perhaps a future investigation into the matter is warranted


It may be worth mentioning that individuals with ISK to burn could visit that cesspool of vapidity the Triglav rather sadly declined to vaporize, and therein they could exchange that ISK for fascinating trinkets which they might then bring you like crows. Yes, there is risk you would decline the offer, but the definition of ISK to burn is that having a fascinating trinket is better than having the ISK anyway.

Quafe’s offer… of course, I mean “The Agent Not Formally Associated With Quafe,” is intriguing. Roden’s Deep Conspiracy reaches, well, you know, deeply into the fabric of Cluster life.


I respectfully appreciate your decline and am thankful after hearing that the forementioned ORE scientist may have been involved in a Fedo-philia incident.
I suggest keeping him up for days on crash and then interrogating him further for that unforgivable crime for the Fedo is the most loyal of servant pets.
I do hope your investigation turns out the truth and that a 'suit’able offer is made soon.
If nothing else, a Shirt beholden of Terry Tayra Thera is honored for your valiant efforts from ORE and that deviant (if found guilty) is brought to justice once your ransom has been met.
The Pickle

Argh, this 'ere escalated quickly

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Not the response I expected at all and well unfortunately PickleWeseal , here is where my cordiality ends with you

The early hearings of launching an investigation into the accused actions of ORE Scientist #47 were held behind closed doors between 2 individuals NOT ONE WAS YOU. The meeting was KROOK CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!!!

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with you , PICKLEWEASEL. YOU are NOT PART OF THIS SCIENTISTS STORY , nor are you privy to ANY information regarding the matter.

You have absolutely no right to de-rail my ransom with such horrendous accusations and rumors about the moral character of ORE scientist #47 to somehow lessen his perceived value because your offer was declined !

I never want to see you post in my Ransom again!

We take the divulging of information seriously whether it be accurate Information or Misinformation!
You PICKLEWEASEL have seemed to fall victim to the latter


On behalf of Krookborne , I regretfully must announce today the immediate suspension of all offers of purchase/barter pertaining to O.R.E Scientist #47

Unfortunately , Krookborne started receiving complaints from a few of the exotic dancers tasked to entertain our honored guest.

Through preliminary investigation , it appeared our Scientist started to adapt to the pirate life, a little too well… Being witness to many many Hauler repossessions and part of the High End inventory Analysis Team the mortal seem to think, he was one of us. He HAD to be reminded many times during Crash Binges of this fact !
As more and more exotic dancers became coming forth with accusations of ORE Scientist designated #47’s alarming debaucherous behavior’s when left alone in our station in REDACTED , an investigation was launched.

Some dancers were coming forth outright refusing to entertain O.R.E Scientist #47 upon first sight , claiming they had recognized him from O.R.E Scientific Breakthrough celebration Parties , where many many dancers were secretly employed. Many claimed to have issued complaints to ORE , who quickly cast them away and in some alleged instances , even helped cover up the crimes committed by O.R.E Scientist #47 according to testimony.

Could THIS be the reason why there has NO RESPONSE from any OUTER RING EXCAVATIONS REPRESENTITVE?

Maybe they want their man to disappear forever???

Further Investigation is Pending

Sounds like Pickleweasel fell into the pit o’ the media an’ government spreadin’ misinformation. Possibly ore contracted 'im to lessen yer ransom efforts in 'opes that there ye would make 'im walk the plank.

A Pickleweasel reply from YarrthePirates very mouth?? Very suspicious !!!

It appears your Alcohol induced insanity has led you to not only reply to your own souless self but to also seemingly argue and call yourself out .

So before any more of your Braincells revolt from your body answer this…
Who are you exactly?
Yarr or Pickleweasel ?

Obviously an imposter or English drunk that devoured a few more stouts than needed or both

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