{ MOTIVE } THE ACTUAL PURPOSE OF O.R.E "Kidnapped" Researcher #47

Greetings ORE

We have seen the recent coverage of your still missing ORE Industries “Research” Scientists on the newest release of The Scope
Unfortunately , one of your ORE RESEARCHERS was found in the wreckage of a recent Hauler repossession in THERA.

Remember ORE, We feel his life is worth much more then a Billion ISK

For any Interested 3rd Parties :

Greeting fellow pirates

Although your offers of ISK are quite gracious , we at Krookborne wont be taking any ISK offers for our Scientist , regardless of amount. For ISK is of no concern to us and something for the Miners to worry about.

It has come to our attention , as it should have yours
The Scope itself has confirmed through an Outer Ring Excavations Agent over 40 Scientist have been returned to their families making us realize our man is considerably more rare then before their ill timed announcement and their initial 1 Billion ISK offer.

So rare in fact , we are thinking perhaps a Trade of equal rarity as your precious ORE Scientist … he is quite brilliant after all.

We are always … Open to Offers

You Know who to contact


It is invigorating to see an offer of sentimental reunion predicated upon an intangible commodity instead of raw 1s, 0s, decimal points, and commas (the last two arranged differently depending on which side a culture uses to get into and out of bed).

To clarify, although I squander curios as soon as I get them (I am something of an anti-hoarder), perhaps others have been more careful. Is your offer exclusive to ORE; or, are you opening the idea of bartering rare items to the greater pod community?

I wonder… what could be as rare and valuable as a rock boffin noodling on how to squeeze rocks into tight spaces?


Greetings inquirer

This offer extends to any Party wiling to part with goods of equal rarity

Preferably something wearable , to commemorate such a thrilling series of events from such a basic simple T2 hauler repossession in Thera


This is how true collectors do business, trade in kind, not fungible digits. I love it so much I regret I am allowed only one heart to give. Really, we should get as many hearts as we have jump clones.

Back when I initially read your proposal, I wasn’t completely sure where you were going with it. I can be a bit slow. But you’ve turned the usual edgy grimy darky seedy space opera into something truly delightful.

It would be wonderful to see what collectible tidbits people have closeted away.

As for you, ORE… even if you are a member of Roden’s vast Deep Bureauconspiracy, I’m sure you could stitch together a bespoke miner’s suit with sequins for less than a billion.



AS it has been a few days since any update , we kindly appreciate all the cordial mails and quite outrageously generous offers I have received over the last 48hrs. Turns out MANY are interested in a Scientist of such a high caliber of intelligence.

Your man is in high spirits n good health - As per Seventh Sanctum Alliance Tradition , he has access to all the free drugs and Quafe in the Sinful Joint , along with any exotic dancers he so chooses.
Lemme tell ya , Your man can sure party

If I have yet to answer your Eve mail I must apologize as we have had an overabundance of Hauler repossessions this past week and I’ve been bombarded with New inventory analysis.

Luckily , I have a highly intelligent ORE Scientist who was more the willing to lend me a hand with the sorting.

Now I must remind some of our apparently rich fellow pirates , WE ARE REFUSING OFFERS OF ISK as some of you know for certain now and for some reason couldn’t believe.
Look at our corporations / Alliances Zkill and maybe you’ll understand better

You know who to contact

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As someone with some interest and stake in the recovery of the scientist, I, at this time, am willing to offer a small handful of rare corrupted trinary relic caches, a few examples of Subcompact TEBS interface gear, sign over of employment contract for an elite Arctic Warfare Marine unit, and a pair of X-Rated Holoreels from my premium catalogue in exchange for the scientist’s safe delivery into my care.

Addendum: additionally, I’d be willing to commit an exceptionally rare Corrupted Trinary Data Vault to the bid, as well.


Your offer is kindly appreciated and will be considered amongst the rest of the offers , with no pending duration or deadline

We will be open to offers until we are not



I represent an interested third party, one of which I am not at liberty to elaborate much further.

As I am sure you are aware, this is an unusual set of circumstances, a kidnapped ORE Scientist being transited through Thera during efforts to bring them home, most unusual. Due to this, I believe you have a specific scientist of which my employer would be most excited to meet.

I’d like to make you an offer, in good faith, that the scientist is taken care of and delivered to myself in full health, I also ask that the Scientist is made to be cooperative. I’d be willing to offer extra after delivery if we can extract the correct information from the Scientist. Due to the nature of the information, I am not at liberty to delve further.

However, I would like to make you an offer. After your initial proposals and wish for something a bit more ‘creative’ than an ISK offer. I’ve had some creative minds prepare an appropriate ‘reward’ for the delivery of this Scientist.

Something that may be more suited to your interests is a custom selected Quafe package which I feel would be in the heart of any Quafe lover. I am to note that my employer has no connection to the Quafe Company.

The package will include a Miasmos Quafe Ultra edition, once used to distribute Quafe across New Eden, this one now has been custom fitted for ‘good times’. Alongside this I would like to include a moderate supply of Quafe.
Should the scientist be in good health and willing to cooperate, I will include a piece of Quafe memorabilia. One of which I feel would be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Let me know if this offer is of interest to you. I look forward to us working together, for a brighter future.


Greetings fellow Quafe connoisseur o7

Your offer is the exact type of Offer we are looking for - Interesting things with interesting stories attached to them . Whether it be Ships , Wearbale accessories or SKINS , all are much more fun than ISK

AS we are still taking offers till we aren’t
Consider it Considered

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On behalf of Krookborne , I regretfully must announce today the immediate suspension of all offers of purchase/barter pertaining to O.R.E Scientist #47

Unfortunately , Krookborne started receiving complaints from a few of the exotic dancers tasked to entertain our honored researcher.

Through preliminary investigation , it appeared our Scientist started to adapt to the pirate life a little too well… Being witness to many many Hauler repossessions and part of the High End inventory Analysis Team, the mortal seem to think he was one of us. He HAD to be reminded many times during his relentless Crash Binges of the fact he was merely HUMAN and our prisoner.

As more and more exotic dancers became coming forth with accusations of ORE Scientist designated #47’s alarming debaucherous behavior’s when left alone in our station in REDACTED , an investigation was launched.

Some dancers were coming forth outright refusing to entertain O.R.E Scientist #47 upon first sight , claiming they had recognized the researcher from O.R.E Scientific Breakthrough celebration Parties , where many many dancers were secretly employed. Many claimed to have issued complaints to ORE , who quickly cast them aside and in some alleged instances , even helped cover up the crimes committed by O.R.E Scientist #47 according to testimony.

Could THIS be the reason why there has NO RESPONSE from any OUTER RING EXCAVATIONS REPRESENTITVE?

Maybe they want their man to disappear forever???

Further Investigation is Pending


Over the coarse of the past 11 hours , several of the female dancers have been reported missing.

At this time , we can neither confirm or deny the missing include some of the exotic dancers who came forth with allegations towards O.R.E Research Scientist designated #47
Many of these girls were last reported being seen with our Researcher though we’re not at this time charging him with any malfeasance , though evidence continues to grow against him.

If indeed he is found guilty of ANY of the many crimes, we at KROOKBORNE are preparing capital punishment procedures


We will allow the very members who offered his purchase or any others wishing to take part of the TRAIL BY GALACTIC SUMMIT to vote on his fate.


and as per all KROOKBORNE capital punishments , it will be filmed to provide proof of departure!

The Investigation continues …

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As a party currently interested in his acquisition, I vote in favor of him being allowed to live. If any of the allegations bear out, there are those in my employ who are quite adept at rehabilitation.


Indeed your vote will count , in due time, though at this time , he is still under investigation and no TRIAL has been announced

If a trial is indeed announced , a list of his crimes will/must be provided in order for members of the Galactic Summit to know exactly who they are choosing to decide the fate of.

But until we jump that metaphorical gate… the investigation will continue

I believe the Cluster’s foremost yak sorcerer is familiar with (and often responsible for) anything that can go wrong wherever exotic dancers are involved. Have any of the dancers in question engaged in unexpected quasi-occult outbursts with messianic overtones?

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He’s working for ORE and Rodan! Guilty!



It brings me no joy , to stand before you all today , to ask you to share in this burden however it is our duty as members of the INTERGALACTIC SUMMIT community to sometimes decide the fate of others.

Upon conclusion of KROOKBORNE Agent Legion Masser’s lengthy investigations into the Actions of O.R.E Researcher #47 and the whereabouts of the missing Female Exotic Dancer’s , enough photographic Evidence has been gathered to grant the following charges.

→ 7 Counts of Fedo-phillia
→ 12 Counts of Exotic Dancer Murder

By the Power of Mayor Gunbunny134 of Thera , I hereby declare OPEN VOTING DEATHROW TRIAL BY INTERGALACTIC SUMMIT COMMUNITY

In Order to Vote , one must simply Like this Thread , to spread it far and wide. Having the largest possible voting pool will help lessen the burden some of you may feel deciding a Mortal Humans life !

If the unthinkable happens and he is spared HIS DISGUSTING CRIMES will be known to as many as possible!!! Following him with every step he takes forth ! We will stream his crimes across the Gal Net !!!

Official Verified Votes Will be tallied for approximately 7 Days

Yes he deserves to die… and I hope he burns in Delve!!

Let the voting begin !!!


As Lead investigator I have but one thing to say :

When He is found Guilty, I will be his Executioner



My fellow sirs, madams, and Giraffe Enthusiasts, we cannot allow our emotions to grow heated in these turbulent times.

We must approach this matter with impenetrable logic and decorum.

Only the most logical and rigorous methods of proving his innocence must be utilized to avoid escalating this further. We must stand united to appear strong and civilized to ORE and others that seek to impede Capsuleer development.

With this attitude in mind I hearby forward a motion that the defendant be jettisoned into the Thera star.

If he is innocent, Bob will spare his life.

If he is not, he will be consumed by the super heated plasma and extreme radiation.


Thumbs down. DEATH TO ORE!

The evidence was obtained illegally and must be discarded.
This perp must be let go on a technicality.

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