Prize pool for capture of RJD wanted criminals

I announce a prize pool for the capture of suspects in the case of Deathglow attacks on the Rens Brutor Tribe Station 6-8 on October 8th, including but no limited to @Alar_Chakaid (reference) and Orlon Zashev (reference).

The prize, starting from 1B isk donated by yours truly, will be paid to the clan, corporation or individual who will present verifiable proof (preferably, a statement by RJD) of capture of any one of the key suspects in the Rens deathglow attacks, and their delivery to Republic Justice Department. Minor prizes might be paid for crucial tips and/or lesser suspects.

Donations to the prize pool in isk can be sent to SoE Roughriders, where they will be held in escrow and not used for any other purpose. Please state with the donation if you do not want your name published as a beneficiary. You can withdraw your donation at any time by letting me know. Donations will be paid back if the hunt provides unsuccessful and the prize pool is taken down.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Of the Sebiestor Tribe
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari


How are we supposed to be doing that?

She has no idea.

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If I knew how to do it, I’d do it myself, or hire someone I know can do it directly, obviously.

This Alar guy you mentioned isn’t to be found in the references you’ve linked.
That really doesn’t help.

Killing him would be easy, as long as he can be found. Keeping him locked down in highsec space, though, is a huge problem. Even IF we successfully baited him into a situation where one could explode his ship, revealing the pod, and even IF he doesn’t warp away in time and gets scrammed …

… then what?

Yun’s not have quite the spine to say so out loud, but we all know who he is talking about here:

Yun further claimed that “a Khanid Holder currently participating in the Kahah Massacres is a suspect in investigations surrounding the attack on Rens Station 6-8,” also noting long-standing “indications” of Khanid-Blood Raider ties.

Chakaid’s current whereabouts place him on Anath IV, as per his own bragging. I believe he’s cloned, so capture will be extremely difficult. I will give you a consolation price for a confirmed kill, though.


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Alar is not a capsuleer.

He is a warclone.

He cannot even fly a ship to blow up.

Think harder.


Obviously, I would prefer that any Amarr criminal faces Imperial justice. However, if you do, by chance, get your hands on them and are disinclined to turn them over, I would like to buy some heads.

I have some spikes on some walls that are currently unoccupied.

Having these criminals face true justice is reward enough but a bounty is excellent further motivation. I applaud your commitment, Captain Rhiannon.

Who said anything about a ship?

Solstice Projekt’s entire post was under the premise that he was a capsuleer.

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Accusing Aga-Count Chakaid of responsibility for a blood drinker-orchestrated attack on the Tribals is ridiculous at best and insulting at worst. Such a blatant attempt to spread discord amongst the children of Holy Amarr shouldn’t even be entertained.

The escape of Zashev is most alarming, but we must trust in Lord Sarum to see to his recapture.

Lord Sarum is not charged with recapturing Orlon Zashev. The Order of Saint Tetrimon has been given that responsibility and I have little faith in their ability, even if he was recaptured by them. It would be better for Ammatar elements in the Amarr 7th Fleet to provide tips so that Zashev will find himself in RJD custody. Only then will he face real justice denied to God by the corrupt in the Empire.

Lord Sarum is charged with rooting out corruption in the MIO, a goal that will no doubt make the work of all enforcers of God’s law so much the easier.

Nonetheless, the task of recapturing Orlon Zashev has gone from one corrupt organization to another corrupt organization.

Free tips: recent traces place Zashev in Jarizza. His corporation’s HQ is in Doril. He definitely is alive, as is evidenced from his posting on the IGS.

Happy hunting folks!


We have a claim by someone who takes isk to have hold of Zashev. Might be your last chance to donate!

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If you are in the position, like some other potential donors, that you wish to have your name held secret, feel free to use a middle man, or alternatively, transfer the isk to myself privately to forward to the SoERR account.

I am still taking donations for a joint bid for getting Zashev into Republic Justice Department custody via the [AUCTION] Slaver for sale: Orlon Zashev until about 18:00 tomorrow Mon 6th. If you need more time than that, please let me know.