[TRLBA] Bounty on all Slavers posted

Official Statement on behalf of the Tribal Arms Corporation

As a proud member of the Republic we are posting this bounty on all Slavers operating across the New Eden cluster. In an effort to curb this detestable practice across all space. From today and for the following two weeks we will be offering a bounty of 500,000ISK on all Slavers delivered into the Custody of Tribal arms at the following locations.

  • Heimatar
    Eystur VI Republic Justice Department Tribunal
    Kronsur III Republic Justice Department Tribunal

  • Metropolis
    Brundakur VI Republic Justice Department Tribunal
    Maturat IX Republic Justice Department Tribunal

All slavers turned over will be treated with the highest dignity and handed over to Republic prosecutors for crimes committed against all free peoples of New Eden. No harm will come to them unless determined by the Justice Department.

To collect your bounty contract the Slavers to Tribal Arms at the prior listed locations. At this time we will also be accepting any freed Slaves at the same locations to act as potential witnesses before they are returned to their homelands.

If you wish to be credited for your work to liberate all of those enslaved across New-Eden leave the note ‘Credit’ in the contract description and you will be added to our list of credited individuals.

We would like to thank everyone who takes part in this endevour for making New-Eden a safer and Freer place for all.

Braghi Boloskarl
Director - Tribal Arms


I can’t say im convinced that slavers will receive fair treatment or justice from the Republic Justice Department.

If i was a slaver i’d be very concerned if my fate was in there hands.

It will be interesting to see how many are handed over , the fate that becomes them.

Thats if they get handed over to the Justice department. There chances there are better than the average capsuleer who would line them against a wall upon docking.

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Sounds like fair treatment to me.


Is this an official government agency ?

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No, we are not an official government agency we are sponsoring a bounty upon Slavers so that we can turn them over to the correct authorities for prosecution.

So this necessitates taking them alive. What about slavers who don’t survive being apprehended? Like say, ImpNavy officers on raiding ships?

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Justice has already been served to those who are dead and we cannot prosecute corpses.

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And what evidence are you requiring be presented along with the slavers? I mean, if you just turn a whole bunch of people over to RSS and say ‘they’re slavers’… what Justice are you expecting from any prosecution? No evidence gathered, nothing but the word of someone who was paid to produce warm bodies… if there’s a prosecution under those conditions, how could it ever allow a defense? What, exactly, is the crime? When and where did it happen?

I mean, if it’s just ‘you have to prove you’re not a slaver’… can you prove you’re not a slaver? Can you account for every moment of your life, complete with corroboration?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all opposed to just rounding up slavers and running them down with a steamroller… but if you’re going to talk about ‘Justice’ and ‘prosecutions’… you kind of need more than just the guy you say committed a crime, don’t you? Like… evidence of the crime having ever happened, and maybe a little evidence that this was the guy?

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I’m guessing the RSS would investigate each case themselves as that’s what they are paid to do.

CONCORD can, they track all capsuleer activity. If the RSS can get access to that info they can discover the exact circumstances in which the accused slaver came under the custody of the capsuleer who handed them over.

The SCC uses this sort of meta-data to classify human cargo. How else would federal navy, for example, know the people in your cargo hold are slaves and fine you for having them in your possession?

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I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the RSS does.


Fair enough, I can’t say I’m all that familiar with law enforcement in the Republic.

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Yeah, it’s a common mistake. Think more… black bag spooks than law enforcement. There’s people who think I am willing to do anything and cross any line to achieve a goal. These guys make that impression of me look rather wimpy in that regard.


Firstly i never mentioned that RSS would be handling this but the Republic Justice Department, secondly i am not the one trying these individuals for any crimes, charges will be brought on the behalf of the Minmatar republic by prosecutors if there is any evidence of wrongdoing found.


Which doesn’t mean that’s when and where the ‘slaver’ committed the crime. Or that a crime was even committed. Exactly what would the RJD investigate when the TRLBA is just handing them ‘these are slavers’ and not ‘here, this is all of the information about this individual including flight logs from his wreck’ for each and every one of them?

Should they ask the slavers ‘ok, when and where were you slaving?’ Cuz that’ll get full disclosure, I’m sure.

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You do realise that there’s this whole bunch of people who are very helpfully labelled as ‘Slavers’ by the SCC, right?


considering that name calling them something will somewhat make the RJD work faster, this seems like a reasonable, swift approach on the topic of stopping slave raids. now where did i leave this ironybear marker makes the letter sparkling.

Rule #1.
One who blames brings proof. If there is no proof - they are no slavers, and they definitely don’t need to prove “they are not”.

So, if someone tells you that you are a slaver without proof, you have all cards to accuse them instead in slander, and their baseless accusation of you being a slaver will be proof of their slander.

That is enough to get them imprisoned or enslaved (or whatever else punishment is issued to the criminals in that territory).

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State

In civilized nations, the punishment for slander is usually a fine, not imprisonment.

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Though I’m not a fan of the Republic as it is, I’ve contracted 5 of those to your corp in Eystur, just to see what happens to them.

Whatever it will be, it’s their own fault.