Prize pool for the capture of RJD wanted criminals

This is to remind the summit that there is prize pool for the capture and delivery to RJD of wanted criminals (including but not limited to Orlon Zashev). The price sum stands at 12.5 billion isk at the moment and it is open for further donations.

The original thread is unfortunately closed, hence this renewal.


I am pretty sure that there are certain someone who is ready to pay more.
I mean, considering they already paid.

Yea, well, I am kinda making the assumption here that this nation has someone left who is not as corrupt as the ■■■■■■■ Thukker, and will actually deliver an enemy of the Republic to the Republic rather than to House Sarum. Even if they will get paid a little less for it.

With all due respect, little is a bit underestimation.
When someone pays for the goods more, obviously people sell them to those who pay more first. It’s logical. It’s how the market works.

Hm. Often true, Ms. Kim, but, for example, I don’t expect you’d deliver a prisoner to, say, Federal custody even if they did make the high bid unless you could really undermine or destroy the Federation by doing that. Right?

It’s the same for Elsebeth and the Empire. Really, there are limits on how mercenary a lot of people are willing to be.


Ms. Jenneth, I am a soldier of the State, not a mercenary or a slaver to sell or buy people. If I capture criminals alive (by miracle, usually they come out as dead), I send them either to authorities or set up a tribunal in the place, provided there will be actual evidences to run it.

Of course, Ms. Kim. However, even if you were to give up the soldier’s path to work as a bounty hunter or mercenary, I still wouldn’t expect you to ever accept work from the Federation.

Offering a service, even at auction, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept bids from everyone no matter who they are. I’d even say that it takes a pretty unprincipled mercenary to work that way. It might even be that almost everyone has someone like that, someone they’d never willingly help for any reason.

Maybe, Ms. Jenneth, but maybe not.
Imagine if I captured Roden and they offered me, for example, couple trillions for his head. Do you think I’d think twice? He’s just a clown, a puppet to run Gallente Federation, they chose new one like once in couple years! Of course I’d give him back, laughing at their stupidity, because for these money I’d build such a fleet, that they can’t imagine, it will bring much more Glory to the State than one silly captive that will be replaced anyway!

And on the remainder of that I can just… capture him again. And ask them with a poker face, “Would you like to buy your guy again?”

Wasting that much on a human is… just dumb and I would get profit out of them. And I can understand Ms. Rhiannon that she doesn’t want to pay more - in fact, I wouldn’t myself offer for a human a billion. That’s already embezzlement and utter waste. What I was bringing up, is that if someone brings more… well, you have to treat it like in a market. If you have a competition, it turns into supply and demand problem.

If you actually would prefer money over delivering somebody you believe has committed wrongdoings, atrocities even, to justice, that says an awful lot of things about you, none of them good.

Even if you expect that the next Gallente president to be particulary wicked, it doesn’t really change the situation.

It would take a lot more on average than a couple trillion in ISK value to take on an empire’s military forces.

Trying to be too tricky with convoluted schemes to get ‘more’ often ends up with you missing out on the actual important things.

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I will keep this brief Lady Elkin is correct. But more than that, no amount of isk would suffice to challenge the Federation, without more infrastructure and mineral wealth than any capsuleer nation has. Likely than all combined.

Money is just a means of achieving goals.
No man can worth as much as a whole fleet of battleships!
You let one criminal go - you make thousands if not millions pay. That’s what matters.

I guess for capturing a single person you can execute a covert operation instead of a full head on attack. Though it’s possible with a head on attack if their main forces will be tied somewhere else.

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