Augmented reality running app as crossover Running Zombies with Pokemon Go on EVE Online lore

Is there an interest of a running app with standart measure like speed/calories/pulse with the ability to collect Items like skins/boosters per certain amount of kilometers/miles for my imperial friends and playing the relic/data minigame on real life objects of interest for bpcs/salvage.

You choose the amount of km/miles and time to accomplish the run before you start the action


The player choose the faction and is dropped on XYZ-Planet and has to run to “scan” the environment.

Active scanning “planet” objects on real life objects of interest like St.Stephans Cathedral or Gettysburg Plane /Moscow University, you name it for bpc/salvage/skins with a minigame similar to relic/data sites.

Random alert/event - the need to run faster as space pirates/planet wildlife like Amarr dogs are on you / holding certain amount of speed for certain amount of time - if not you are dead - loosing all loot you found on the way. All messages are voiced.

Intro : Dear Capsuleer you choose to investigate the planet Ibura One for the Caldari State. Prepare for drop. 10,9,8,7…1…drop,drop,drop.

( Example : Distance to run 10km/ In 1h )

Landing sucessful : Time until the dropship pick-up arrives : 1h eta. Good Luck.

Random event after 3km : Message : You scanner found a old relic on the surface. Looks interesting. “Sleeper Library found.”

In real life while you run you pass objects of interest like a castle or VW factory. Message : “Scanner picked up a crypted data hidden in this object. Active scan required.” You play the data/relic minigame. If not succesfull - like in EVE the can explodes - here the data is deleted. Message : "Your failed scanning alerted the robots/animals/androids/ you name it nearby. They will catch you in 2 minutes unless you keep up the speed 5:30km per minute for 2 minutes. Go, go, go.

If not succesfull : "Sounds of animals/androids/robots/pirates, gnashing of teeth/blaster/gun fire in your headphones - message “Your clone died. This expedition is over. You wake up in a new clone.”

If you are succesfull : message : You lost your tail, you can easy up the pace. You stiil have to catch up the dropship.

If you finish your run in time : Very well done pilot - the Caldari Navy is grateful for your service. We will be happy to see you in our next expedition.

If there is a interest from the playerbase as well as from CCP Games I will kickstart the app.

Fly safe.

omg - half my attention went out the window at the word “app”, the rest followed at “Pokemon”
Does this world really need more Smombies?

Most importantly: CCP should concentrate on other stuff - if at all this should be licensed to a third party
Apart from that: I would hate to see the style and reputation of the EVE universe ruined by some crappy app. So … NO! Please help me keep the rest of my sanity - NO!

heh… Eve Online Go. Alright… start with the most basic thing. How would ganking work?

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