Mining Became A Frustration Nightmare

well…I still must be doing it wrong because nobody else seems to be complaining about it.

I can’t get within a reasonable distance of those monster asteroid collision boxes to mine. The rock you want is always somewhere in the center of the asteroid blob aka somebody-please-kill-me territory.

What could be better than getting jumped and not knowing which way isn’t blocked by an invisible collision box? A box by the way that appears to be twice as big as the asteroid it’s attached to.

Nope. Can’t do it and unfortunately this will be the final frustration for this noob.

Deeply saddened to go. Was fantastic in some ways and my god the potential. But when it steps on its own dangling genitalia, it really steps on it.

Again, I’m amazed that I can’t find another post about this so maybe I’m just a dunce who never figured it out.

Good luck.


what are you trying to mine with? Why not start from the outside and work your way in? Are you optimizing using drones instead to get to the rock? What are you trying to optimize, yield, tank?


Nah man. Most have already just quit. This entire patch was designed by an incompetent development team that has no idea how we interact with this game.

Just keep an eye on the forums after you cancel your sub. I don’t think this is going to be able to stand. The pcu has taken a sharp dive and most everyone except the shills hate this garbage and the bad direction. If it changes I’ll come back for sure if not then it’s been fun.


can i have your stuff? i know some others who could use what you got as well…


This is one of the aforementioned shills. Best to ignore them like the annoying children they are.


I mean I mined after the patch to check it out. I had no probs? Just uh approach rock and shoot. It hasn’t changed? But then I don’t hump the roid since I’m not a true miner and wanna stay aligned so

Also, can I haz stuff?

So now we’re shills cause we ask for their stuff? They don’t need it anymore?

Can I have your stuff?


It is only the summer slump!

A little trick I learned as a miner is to create a warp point to at least 150 km to the nearest rock that you want to mine (200 km is recommended). Then you can use that point to warp to any rock you can see in the belt. If you feel that you’re warping too close to a rock, then use the ‘Warp to Whitin’ in the contextual menu and choose a good distance. 10 km should be good.

Hope this helps.


The hit boxes do seem to be unreasonably big, but it isn’t difficult to get within range of an asteroid without bumping against the hitbox. All you’ve got to do from there is keep aligned to the station. I tend not to be concerned with specific asteroids, so much, and just mine whatever rocks are closest.


belts appear to me that ccp threw some monkey ■■■■ into a jet engine!


Much more important, though, is that the mining site ping is close to the mining site, while the location you drop your ores off is not (unless it’s a moon).
If you warp directly from the drop off location onto the mining location’s warp-in, your barge or even worse whale/crab will be in warp for a prolonged time, which enables the odds of a fleet of gankers coming into local while you’re in warp, and correctly guesses where they have to warp to, while there’s nothing you can do while you’re in warp. Even if they have a “fancy” fleet, they still can warp faster then whales or crabs, so there’s a chance they’ll be on grid when you warp in, and then that’s a dead whale, especially if it was the “fancy” fleet.
Warping to the mining ping instead will render the whale too far off the mining site’s warp in for a ganker to feasibly burn over, while the warp from the ping to the rocks takes so little time that the odds you’re caught in warp are basically non-existent.

If you’re multiboxing the mining fleet, and potential gankers come into local, you can also warp to the ping instead of warping to the station, where the whale can’t tether or dock due to it’s foreman timer. If the potenital gankers warp on the mining grid, they’ll again be too far off to burn over, so just write them a “gf” in local and warp off to another belt’s ping (or the station, if the burst timer’s gone), but if the gankers have no interest in your mining fleet and just leave the system again, you can warp back and, because the barges never left the “grid”, all fleet hangars and stuff remain opened.


I just went out mining with my alts, and I see little change besides the asteroids not spawning in a circle, which was kind of odd in the first place.

If you’re worried about getting ganked (I’m assuming you’re in high sec) then by god find a better way to make isk. If you don’t want to lose your ship, use something with more tank, like a procurer. Yield isn’t main thing you should be shooting for, survivability should be, because losing your ship constantly will cost more in the long run than not making maximum bank.

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I’m just a noob so I’m probably doing it wrong.

Seems to me that speed is the answer to not getting ganked. You can tank up all you want but a gank crew or individual of the right size, properly heeled will probably get you anyway–unless you can warp outta there. Or am I wrong?

My problem is…and I can’t honestly believe that anybody would deny the truth of this statement…that it is idiotic to make huge, oversized collision boxes for asteroids, form them into a blob and force miners in among them where they can’t get up to speed and aren’t sure which direction to turn to even try.

If you think that’s how a game should be programmed, fine. Keep enjoying yourself. To me, that is exactly the kind of tone deaf programming change that has ruined nearly every gaming experience I’ve ever had. They all end with some faceless person or group changing the game for reasons nobody can understand and making it worse in the process. This is followed by complete silence to objections since acknowledging them would jeopardize careers. Better to run players off than look for another job.

I love the idea that the asteroid fields now look more natural.

I hate the idea that they also form a death trap.

btw, I thought this game was supposed to be an open-ended sandbox sort of game. Shouldn’t a player be allowed to mine in any way they choose? If so, I wanted to let the development team know that what they changed impacted my ability to play and drove me off the game.

Doesn’t matter. I’ve learned one truth in all my years of interacting with people online and it’s this: If you post a statement that a steaming pile of dog crap stinks, somebody else will come along and vehemently claim that it smells like cherries. It’s become a constant.


Tankers have been doing this for long enough that if they want to gank you, no matter how fast you think you might be, then they’ll eventually get you

The thing about tanking is that you make killing you not worth their time. There are easier targets out there they can look for. Plus, if you’re in high sec, then they’ll lose their ships for attacking you, so the more ships they have to throw at you to crack you, the more it costs them. If you’re wardecced though, it might be better to go elsewhere than your usual mining grounds; if you’re being hunted in high sec, buy a few cheap Ventures and go mine I’m lowsec. You’ll probably lose some, but you’ll make up the loss easily with the more valuable ore. And do t take expensive pods into lowsec.

Ultimately, tanking is a part of the game. It’s piracy. You can’t get away from it forever, just have to calculate some loss into the equation.

When it comes to the collision problems, it will probably get fixed. And your strip miners should have more than enough range to sit outside of the ball and mine from there.

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Have you tried this? Go try it and we’ll talk. I don’t mean go fly straight up to a roid and drill it. I mean, get aligned and get a reasonable speed going. Then let’s see you fill your hold. Unlike you, I’ve actually tried this, many times, and it sucks. Sucks a huge intergalactic one.

By the way, anybody who “sits” in an asteroid field is asking for it. Let me say again that speed is the answer to everybody’s ganking problems. You can’t get up to speed when you’re grinding down the side of an invisible hit box. Why can’t you just acknowledge how stupid it is to allow such a thing to exist in a free-flyer game?

You sort of tossed off the “they’ll probably fix the hitbox” issue which is the only thing I’m concerned about. They just had a major release and didn’t fix it. I’m new and don’t know but I’ll bet that the hitboxes on those monster asteroids have been the same since they were introduced into the game. Anyone?

I don’t want to know how to work around the hitbox problem. I want to let the developers know that invisible, over-sized hitboxes are an IDIOTIC idea for a fly-freely-in-space game.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

I’m doubly pissed because I’ll bet it could be fixed quite quickly. I understand that collision checking is cpu intensive but I’d bet that simply doubling the vertices in the now apparently SQUARE hitboxes would allow them to be shrunk down and shaped enough to where everybody would be happier with them. In fact adding four additional vertices to a box (that’s 50%!) and having somebody size them to all the huge asteroids would probably get the job done to everybody’s satisfaction. Easy? I don’t know but my gut tells me they don’t care and it will never be addressed.

I’m glad you still enjoy the game. I hope it brings you countless hours of satisfaction and joy. For me though, until they fix the most obvious screw up in their programming, I’ll be doing something else. Anything else. I’m going to clean the bathroom today. It needs it because up until a couple days ago I was neglecting everything else in my world to play eve online.

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Bounding Boxes can be subdivided and form Octree hierarchies, in order to perform highly performant scene-global collision detections, which is how bounding boxes are used in post-millenial graphics programming, as approximating the meshes to boxes, but then running a brute-force collision detection on all boxes instead of the meshes would save only about three orders of magnitude in computing effort, while we want savings that grow exponential to the scene’s complexity in order to be able to fit in significantly more geometry whenever only a little bit more hardware becomes available.

There is, however, a limit on the ocree’s ability to approximate meshes, and once it’s reached, i.e. the most granular level of approximation was detected to collide, a transition of the collision detection to a triangle mesh is required. Even if only one model is in the box, it’s unfeasible to do in realitme with the meshes we have in games these days, so meshes are partitioned into the octree and spatially large meshes will be in multiple boxes concurently, so the most granular boxes actually contain sub-models. Creating these sub-models requires quite a bit of some datastructure design, which is frequently skipped , as it’s “bloaty” pattern programming, boring, and error prone work, and it doesn’t make the rendered visuals any more beautiful … until “highly complex” scenes become available. Introducing it later on will result in a rewrite of major quantities of the geometry handling code, so it’s simply not done, and precise collision in real time considered unfeasible.

For the terms of brute-force graphics rendering, every scene that you see in eve is “highly complex”. Other games can display more visually appealing scenes on the same hardware, but they deploy technology to turn “extremely complex” scenes into “highly complex” ones before processing them, which is “bloat”.


I can’t speak for how everyone hunts, but where you’re sitting in the belt makes no difference to me. I can usually use combat probes without any issue. And if my probes spook someone that I’m dead set on ganking, I’ll position an out of corp cloaky scout 100km on the other side of him and in line with starting location, and then warp to him at 100. Long story short, I wouldn’t sweat it that much.

However, I do agree that collision boxes bigger than the model is definitely annoying. And, I don’t know why CCP keeps getting this wrong. I mean, it’s one thing not to go through fixing all the old collision geometry, but why are they introducing new stuff wit the same issues?

And I’m not just annoyed that I have to deal with this in-game, but also because it’s an easily avoidable mistake.

I tell you, it’s not easy being a CCP shill sometimes.

Anyway, good luck. Maybe you’ll try Eve again after you’ve relaxed. Maybe even try something else that Eve has to offer. Lot’s of stuff in this sandbox. Be a shame if you figured the game sucked based off a bad experience one activity.

Edit: @Moko_Musana
Yeah, why do miners care so much about getting off the beacon? Like, getting off the beacon makes a huge difference in things like mission pockets because a ganker can’t warp directly to you. They have to warp to the beacon. But that’s not the case for ore belts. Like I said, I can’t speak for how everyone hunts, but it makes no difference to me where you are in a belt.

Moko Musana – Thank you for taking the time to explain this.

How close are you getting to the roid? I know you miners love your rocks but uh leave room for Space Amarr Jebus. I’ve had no issues whatsoever.

I think you just suck as a pilot mate.

Higgs bro. Learn to EVE kthx.


There are lazy and/or ignorant miners, and there are lazy and/or ignorant gankers.

I don’t sit on the ping because a lazy ganker is probably going to use that same ping. Chances are they’re going to lock me and fire a few shots before CONCORD grapes them, but why make it easy for any ganker?

Those of us with some experience know staying off the ping isn’t a panacea against gankers, but we also know lazy and/or ignorant gankers are likely to use that ping, and they might just get lucky before they get CONCORDed.

Personally, I have pings set up outside a belt that allow me to warp to an asteroid on the edges of the rough sphere the asteroids form. I can then warp to a distance within range of my mining modules, align to my safe or whatever, and make finer adjustments as needed to keep aligned without running afoul of the hitboxes–at least more often than not.

Still, the hitboxes are enormous, and though I’ve only dabbled in 3D art, I can tell they’re basically the work of a lazy artist who couldn’t be arsed to make a hitbox closer to the shape of the actual asteroid.

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