August 2018 Release - Known Issues


(Max Adoudel) #36

So are those crates meant to open infinite times? I`ve done 2 Abyssal pockets and brought back nearly a hundred of Triglavian Cache Data. Is it legit?)

(Maximus Martinus) #37

CCP - are you sure you’ve fixed this Abyssal problem? Having repeated my first site, I didn’t get 10 points for completing any site with any filament. The destroyed ship counter was 10/10 in the site but only shows 9/10 when completed. Should I have got another 5 for completing the first pocket? All this on top of the 31 points you have already stolen from me!

(Maximus Martinus) #38

Just finished another Abyssal site. All I could claim was a 5 point reward for the first room. The enemies defeated is still on 9/10 (as after first site). Still nothing for completing any site with any filament. You must owe me at least an accelerator by now.

(eeep) #39

seems so, i submitted a bug report and the dev said it’s intended

(Max Adoudel) #40

Have you found out anything on it`s purpose except lore?)

(eeep) #41

just lore so-far, “ARC” seems to be working on it though ([ARC] Triglavian Collective datastream intercepts)

(Max Adoudel) #42

Could you explain what “ARC works” mean? Never heard of it

(eeep) #43

We’re at risk of being a little too off subject for this thread now, but they’re a player group that dedicate themselves to deciphering the in-game lore. They also have a youtube channel “ARC Studio” that might explain who they are a little better.

(Amadis Rodo) #44

After running Combat Career Path 6b a few times and killing everything (even the structures), the task won’t finish. What am I missing?

EDIT: I cleared my game cache and that resolved the hangup with 6b.

(Tovh) #45

Not sure if this was covered, or if I miss read when running the training Combat career path. In the 4th mission it gives you a frig and 2 guns to redeem. But in mission 5 it asks you to redeem the frig and the guns to complete mission 5. For the new pilots could we bump the frig and guns available to redeem to mission 5 instead of 4?

(Tsero Tseronae) #46

Just logged in and it appears that I have lost all points that I gained in the Abyss event earlier (about 30).

(Tovh) #47

One the hamsters broke a toe nail. They did a quick patch, but had to reset the points.

(Sylvia Kildare) #48

ARC is a group interested in the lore of New Eden. Arataka Research Consortium or ARC:

I presume that eeep was saying ARC is already trying to figure out the secrets behind the Triglavian lore bits and pieces being revealed to us. They did similar work back when the Jove Observatories decloaked, and you could run those sov-wand dealies (entosis, that’s it) on 'em and get lore bits from that if a drifter battleship didn’t blow you away first. :wink:

(Odris Meza) #49

Please CCP remove “claim” button in agency for current event and start to add points automatically. Its more than annoying to click claim every 1 min.

(Ima Wreckyou) #50

I just missed a perfectly good faction fitted Orca kill because of it :rage:

@CCP_Habakuk also drag&drop from the notifications are no longer working. I used to be able to drag the picture of people from the logon notification directly into the fleet or drag killmails into the chat (yeah literally unplayable!! :wink:)

(CCP Habakuk) #51

Sorry about the missed Orca kill :sweat:
Regarding drag&drop from notifications: I have good news regarding this, as CCP karkur fixed this today and it will be in the next patch (and I have to admit that I did not know that this worked in the past…)

(Genroku) #52

I accepted a reward, Secrets Of the Aybss window stopped being responsive, I restarted, and now it doesnt show up at all. Ideas?

(Hoffmann X) #53

I have the same issue. I could claim the points but the claim reward “button” didn’t go away and the objective wouldn’t reset. I relogged and the event disapeared from the agency completely.

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #54

I am unable to log in since the patch. The launcher seems to be messed up.

(Beacon Pilot) #55

Same, event is completely gone. Even a full reinstall didn’t fix it.