August release - Issues reporting

We are excited to announce the deployment of the EVE Online August release on August 16.

Please use this thread to report issues with this realease.

Quick info

“Lucky Clash” from 16 - 23 August
UI/UX improvements
Improvements to Structures
High-level info: EVE Updates

Details: Patch notes

Additional info

This release brings “Lucky Clash”, a new week-long event from The Agency. We also see changes to combat mechanics for structures and corp insurance in Upwell structures. UI/UX improvements for the new map and a full overhaul of the NPC standing display are also part of this release.

In addition to this, we see several small and useful improvements (such as persistent scanning results for cosmic signatures) as well as bug fixes.

Additional information threads

General release feedback (PC)
General feedback and issues (Mac)

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Known issues

User Interface:

  • Changing ships in space will not properly clear 100% scanned results, the UI will show 100% but you will not be able to warp
  • Icons for Celestials at Solar System level in the new map do not show if you zoom in too fast
  • The “Overwrite Filter?” pop-up message does not display when attempting to save changes to a custom filter in the Probe Scanner window
  • Viewing the Standings Tab of a Capsuleer/Corporation/Alliance with a character not in a Corporation or Alliance does not display the Show Info standings tab properly
  • Changing ships clears scanned signatures.(This was initially By Design but we are working on a fix to make them persist)
  • Spacing(kerning) on numbers changed
  • Scanned signatures that clear when the player is out of the system are not cleared from scanner window
  • New Map abstract layout option does not work in WH space
  • Autopilot route solar system boxes not draggable
  • System Show Info icon not draggable

Some feedback

Excellent job making standings so much easier to look at and understand! There are a few things that need to be added: locater agents (players), cosmos mission based on corp/faction standing, etc.

Beta Map - you still can zoom in too far to a point where you don’t see anything on the map. But thank you for turning off that pan movement every time you open the map. :slight_smile:

And no clue what the IGG Garment Keeper is. hehe

probe scanner showed anomalies even though the anomaly was unticked

beacon were not appearing in system scan window though they were ticked.

In both case, switching the option to on/off corrected the issue

Scanned a system down. All sigs 100% and green. Left system and returned. Sigs are all back to 0% and red.

Did you enter a bug report. Please do so.

some sigs not fully completed reset when docking.
(got it for a wh)

hmm actually I changed ship and lla the sigs I had have veen reset

but not in the next system. AND the lesser ghost I warped to and left, which is now destroyed, still has its sig present.

Another one here for scanned sigs resetting.
I scanned down a WH, docked in the same system, changed ship, undocked… and the signature was back to red and 0%.

ok now the probe window is frozen, I can recall probes and launch them again but they refuse to agress signature. FC what do ?

Overheating computer.

Hi, since the loss of the F10 simple map I now have no way of keeping multiple clients running without overheating my PC.

Before I could press F10 and this would take a lot of pressure off the PC. I’ve now worked out how to turn off the beta. BUT how in the future can I reduce the load on the PC???


got an interesting bug with fitting servise, wich you can see here:

pls look at the speed of ship.
How it accured:
overheated MWD and changed from defence to proportion mode.

it looks like it taking overheated MWD speed as base when changing modes.

fonts fonts fonts … :(:frowning:
I dont want to be in jita atm :frowning:

Yes. I was just going to mention that the market window is no longer using a monospaced font

not just market windows, everywhere.

Kali Junmitar: Can you please send us a bug report about this? Does this happen always when you use those steps? If you can include the exact fitting: even better!

Haven’t found any bugs so far, but a bit of quick feedback on a small but significant change in the UI, and specifically with the typeface chosen to display numbers.

I really appreciate and approve of the idea of making numbers easier to read, especially while bunched together in a long list (i.e.: market orders/wallet), but doing that simply changing the kerning of font, has created quite a bit of visual incongruous glitches.

The numbers are all over the place when it comes to indent, alignment, and so forth. I do believe switching to an entirely different Monospaced typeface would have been the better way of doing this, even if that meant having a bigger difference in style with the font used with normal text.

It’s really aesthetically unappealing, when you have a lot of numbers on screen (And it’s EVE, so… often) to the point of off-setting, I believe, the advantages in readability.

Cosmic Signatures 0.0%

Can’t scan them at all even though probes are good?

Hope this helps

Cheers Nitro

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should i write bug report ID? not a forum citizen