August release - General feedback

We are excited to announce the deployment of the EVE Online August release on August 16.

**Please use this thread for general feedback.

Quick info

“Lucky Clash” from 16 - 23 August
UI/UX improvements
Improvements to Structures
High-level info: EVE Updates

Details: Patch notes

Additional info

This release brings “Lucky Clash”, a new week-long event from The Agency. We also see changes to combat mechanics for structures and corp insurance in Upwell structures. UI/UX improvements for the new map and a full overhaul of the NPC standing display are also part of this release.

In addition to this, we see several small and useful improvements (such as persistent scanning results for cosmic signatures) as well as bug fixes.

Additional information threads

Release issue reporting (PC)
General feedback and issues (Mac)

I think most of the changes are good however with the F10 map the lines that used to be dark blue are just far too dark and I’m unable to navigate around that map as easily. Perhaps if a colour was re-implemented to lines of not just selected regions that would be great rather than having to tap click a region first to make it white and physically visible.

I agree. Also you mentioned that the agency missions while very fun and part of the reason you log in every day are currently bugged. They do not trigger the agency mission “complete a Lucky Cash site” when completed.

See you in the Lucky Cash PvE sites you have been doing all day Kain Bastage!

My opinion:

“Lucky Clash” from 16 - 23 August - OK, but bugged?

UI/UX improvements - (Standings) Good Job!, (Map) - meh

Improvements to Structures - (yawn)

I’m still butt-hurt over the loss of CQ. What are we going to do with all these clothes? You killed an entire niche in the Market by removing the motivation to buy. Thanks.


Объясните, типо какие то агенты, ставят маячки и там надо типо завалить кораблик, но почему он сваливает? Так то по логике его надо бы грохнуть и лут снять. Но нет, он тупа делает тапки )))
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The data indicators on the Beta map are still to small and scale down the more you zoom in. The old map does a better job at displaying data.
The beta map still displays all my bookmarks, which not only makes the map lag, but also impedes data display. The old map does a better job.
There is no reason why gate connections should be a color gradient from system to system, this only makes the map harder to read. The old map does a better job at data display.
Color gradients are useful for determining security status changes over systems, not useful for player counts or station counts. The old map does a better job at data display.
There is no apparent size difference between something like 10-15-20 people in space, they are all displayed as the same size yellow blob, which also gets smaller the closer you zoom in, so that it gets hidden by the sun if you are in solar system zoom level or just turns into a tiny dot if you are still in the universe map zoom level. The old map does a better job at displaying data.


The new map is still unusable

The old map:
The new map:
The new map(when target system is selected)

On the old map you can see the systems all around and you can tell where is activity.
On the new map you can’t see shait.

Also why can’t we lock the map rotation? I sometimes rotate the map and get disoriented so I have to zoom all out to get my bearings and fix it…


You can see the number of jumps? 1 or 10, 20? Stupid new map! I can see only 1 or 500 jumps with a new map.

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The new standing interface really needs a way to see unmodified standings as the game still uses those in a few places.

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My exact thoughts every time I see the new beta trash garbage map.

Lol how can you developers compare current map to old map and think it is anyway not complete trash?


I like the jump range on capitals on the new map. Easy to see which systems are in range now.

Small error also seen is that the Lucky Clash icon on neocom still have the The Agency Challanges flag on mouse over.

The hoover info on systems is placed right under the mouse

Gray lines on gray background is hard to read.
The map movement is insane. The movement sensitivity depends on distance from your chosen system. This exists in both system and star maps and has existed from the very beginning of the map betas. (you can see that map moves normally around Solitude but movement is broken in far away aras)

Standing figure need axes and some smart scaling. This is what going from -0.001 to -0.001 looks like. The standig barely changes but still a clear slope is shown.

Edit: Images now in post since I can now do that


Thank you for making Numbers/Digits in Calculator / HUD / Survey Scan Results etc. better readable. thumbsup for this. If you could continue for Heat Readout, Capacitor Capacity and Overview would be very nice indeed.

Seems I disagree with most players I think the new map is WAAY better than the old one. Although it is slightly too dark to see some lines optimally , but it is a huge improvement when it comes to navigating around. The old map blew up the system you were in and completely destroyed it’s functionallity for navigating and getting a sense of direction.

New standings interface also a huge improvement, I could have used that info in the past (…)

All in all great job. I for one definately think Eve is getting better by leaps and bounds.

The changes to the standings window make it more stream lined. However it was a little confusing at first trying to check gains and losses with corps. Could use an in game explanation for people who don’t read the developer blogs.

It is sad to see the captains quarters get removed. I know it was a lot of work for something only a few percent of people used. But I liked being able to view my characters in a 3d environment. Looking at my ship just sitting in the hanger is boring to me. Especially since I have the camera locked to my ship out side of the station. I will miss the captains quarters. It was a nice thing to have when docked at the station.


There’s an F11 Map Browser bug that’s been around forever, any chance you guys could look into that please? Without a way to set destination from DOTLAN anymore this is the best way if you’re just looking around a local constellation


Thanks! :purple_heart::relaxed:


By old map we mean the old F10 map, not the old version of the Beta Map.

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I’m still disappointed with the new beta map. I was hoping that the changes would be good enough for me to switch to, but it’s still not great. I really want the new map to be good.

First issue: Connection Lines
The lines between the solar systems or way too dim. If you have your map settings to Selection’s Region Lines, then that region’s lines show up nice and bright, but if you choose All Lines, they are all dim. Compare this with the old map and you can see that the lines are very bright and easy to follow. It also may be that the contrast is not as apparent as the old map, as the background is now more grey than pitch black, so it makes the whole map look almost foggy/blurry.

Second Issue: Statistic Bubbles
The statistic bubbles, such as the Average Pilots in Space in the Last 30 Minutes, stay the same size no matter how far out or close up you zoom within the map. The images above are both using the average pilots in space statistic at the same time, yet the new map makes all of the bubbles seem to have the same amount of players for the most part, whether there is 1 or 99 players in a single system. Only systems with over 100 players look any different.

Third Issue: Constellation Labels
Constellation labels will appear for the constellations surrounding the one you have selected. These labels can block star systems and make it very annoying to manually set routes without having to select a region elsewhere entirely to get rid of them or to rotate your camera/view a lot.

Fourth Issue: Camera Rotate
Rotating the view, at least in regards for the abstract mode, is quite annoying and pretty much entirely useless for me. I pretty much always want my map to be pointing “space north”. I think this could be fixed pretty easily by letting us lock the little compass you have in the bottom right of the map. I also would really prefer to be able to pan around the map with the left mouse button rather than the right mouse button.

Fifth Issue: Solar System Label on Hover
When you hover over a solar system with your cursor, a label will pop up and display some information. When you do that, the mouse cursor will cover up the number of whatever statistic is displayed.

Those are my main concerns currently from messing around with the map. I hope that you’ll take my feedback into consideration, especially since the new map will eventually replace the old map for good one day. Thank you.


You can hoover over the modified standing. But oinly in some places and I think this is hiding useful information.

Hovering works in info window and in standings window on top right corner.

The info window particulary has so much free unused space that this info should easily fit there.


I want to see the the + and - 10’s on my sheet!

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