Australia is burning like hell!

As suggested in this tweet
We should try to do something and help our brothers and sisters in australia.
Lets request a skin charity, donate money for gas masks and filters I dont know!
Lets do something?!
Maybe we have australian players reading this thread and they can tell us what they need the most right now.
We cant look away, we need to help each other on this planet!
So every idea in here is welcome.


In 2016, Australia was the biggest net exporter of coal , with 32% of global exports

Ya it sucks for the average person but there is a bit of irony here…

Imagine if they left it there instead of exporting, even more fuel for the fires!

That coal is underground. Australia is a hellish place but the hell does not yet reach that deep into the ground. :smiley:

Let’s leave the politics out of it, and focus on the fact that our southern family are going through crap that makes Burn Jita look like a sparkler.

I approve of any charity drive for the Aussie fire departments. I’m sure they need gear, supplies, and any comforts that’ll help them keep up with their time in hell.



I don’t think it’s currently the time or place to discuss responsibilities or blaming countries for the reasons or past decisions.

Humans and animals are suffering right now. There are fellow mates, friends, colleagues there who can need help right now and more so when the fires will be out, hopefully faster than later. Friends some of us know for years, had good and bad times with. We as community did it before, helped other humans when in need and I think this should always be the core of our maxima for actions, trying to be nice. Nice to each other, nature, the world.
As such, for me it’s not about what caused the current situation or are there economic decisions by the current ruling party in australia which might have increased the likelyness of this fires. There are people in need of help now, that’s what matters.

When I wrote the tweet it was my only intension to help or at least tried to ping Hilmar and with him CCP if the power of this community can summoned again, especially when the fires are touching the not so small part of our community in australia and new zealand.

I would kindly ask if you can relocate discussions of political of economic nature to another thread.

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I would kindly ask you to share this thread with all your EVE friends, spam the local chat for good.
Lets help them out, EVE players reunite in the real world, if you lost your home due to the fire, maybe spare some shelter if possible?
Again please, share share and share <3

I also asked for help and ideas from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

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Yah okay. Australia is burning (more than usual) because of climate change. You can try and help them in their immediate crisis if you like, and that’s great, noble and welcome; but if we don’t do something about climate change they’ll be burning again next year, as will other places.

So how about we do something to help us ALL in the long term, by addressing our carbon footprint? Plenty of ways to do that. Drive electric (if you have to drive), insulate your house, limit yourself to 2 kids max… just a few of the more obvious ideas.

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Of course. And still, this is about helping people who need help right now.

Options about how to change our habits is a different thread in my opinion.

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We also need to reduce eating meat, dont use any cruise ships anymore for fun because the carbon footprint of these massive colossals is super high, reduce your holiday flight behavior.
Dont order twice a week on amazon or the internet in general, plenty of ways to do stuff more efficient in life.
Combine orders to save ressources and by the way, dont count on any politicians, they think this planet is a monopoly game.
Its true, we all have to change our behavior in life.
Rethink every decision twice, stop saying “yolo” I only have this 1 life, I dont give a f**k, please.
This might be the ultimate quest for mankind and “may be” the last one, if we fail to solve it for a huge amount of humans.
I dont think technology can save us this time, dont expect too much.
We have to change, everyone of us.
It is true, we cannot stop climate change because it is a natural phenomenon, but we can slow it down!
Its very important to understand that we “the humans” are accelerating this process of climate change by a number X and we are the multiplier for this.
And thats why its hard to predict, because all these values are changing, every day!
There will be no perfect climate model ever, just the things we can see in the world with our own eyes.

These climate predictions are no fear mongering, its just simple reality based on “vague” calculations by supercomputers, arctic samples, water samples, satellite imagery and what have you.

And no, this stuff is nothing new, all these predictions is knowledge which I learned in a german school 14 years ago, when there was no little girl from sweden in the media, pushing things with the help of social media.
We are adults, we should not act in a small-minded way like someone steals our lollypop.

But for now, lets focus on collecting ideas and poke your friends, devs etc.
Those fire clouds in australia are devastating, people and animals are suffocating.

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100% support for this


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Of course it’s terrible for everyone affected by these fires in Australia. Especially for those who lost loved ones. But Australia is rich. They can manage it without our help.

If you really want to help others, there are millions around the world who suffer the same and more amount of pain every day. Literally fighting for surviving, every day of their lifes. Forgotten by our media.

Who cares about a 3rd world mother who lost her child because of starvation or a sickness which a cheap vaccination could have prevented, when a 1st world person lost his home, car and pool and has now to rely on social welfare.

I don’t say that those who are affected by these fires don’t need help. Of course they do and they will get it. Again, Australia is rich they will overcome this by their own.
But there are many people on this earth who don’t live in such a rich country. Who never went to school. Never ate a simple chocolate bar. - I think here we can help much more and do much more good with much less money!


Go talk to a scientist that wasn’t bought and paid for by the deep state NWO please.

Summer down under, Australia burns, summer in the North, California burns.

Well, there are fundraising opportunities already if you want to help financially.

The thing is that too many ‘bad’ things happen and just selected some get attention.

The world is much wider than what you see on TV.



Hey guys, we have some news for you:


Thanks :)!