Authenticator code mismatch

(TheSylance) #21

I would be glad to have any chance to log back in to Sissi.
Have not been able to since at least 2 years now I guess.
And other topics related to this problem where always ignored.
like this one:

(Stella Harris) #22

Thanks for this workaround, that’s something at least!

(Ras Soba) #23

Todays mass test was without me. Still not able to login on singularity.

(Xispa Alborada) #24

No solution yet? >_<

(Siernan) #25

Same thing still happening for me, @Nicole McClane’s workaround worked for me however.

(Scanner Strange) #26

Same issue. I updated my mail, and now sisi sends the verfication to the old email i have no access to. I guess this is one where I gotta wait for the next mirroring. Is there a way to know when this will happen?

Edit : Nicole, you’re a gem! This worked fine :slight_smile:

(Digi Mat) #27

Same problem for me here, enabled 2FA on Tranquility a few weeks ago. Cannot login to Singularity. Possible reason, “Verification code mismatch”

(Saleb Inkunen) #28

Simply click on the server list in the launcher menu and then select "Play on Singularity.
Log in there and you should be able to log in.
This bypass of the 2FA does only work on Sisi

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