Authenticator code mismatch

I can’t login on the testserver because the authenticator code is wrong. On Tranquility everthing is working fine with the authenticator code.
How can I login to the testserver?

The next mirror will come soon. Just wait until then.

Any other suggestions?

Same problem here, and has been for some time. My 2FA settings work for Tranquility, but Singularity rejects them with the error “verification code mismatch”; I know my password’s correct. Singularity has been consistently rejecting my 2FA codes for some time; previously, I could ask for a 2FA code by mail, but that’s not working any more.

I’m on an AT team that needs to practice on Singularity. And until this is fixed somehow, I’m locked out.

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Same for me. Works on TQ, no go on SI.

такая же проблема не работает аутентификатор для тестового сервера когда решите проблему

Same for me. Spoken to support who won’t help with Sisi issues via their ticketing system.

Two month passed by and it’s still not working. Any suggestions?

One of my team members is also experiencing this issue.

Still an issue as of today.

After 5 month and I think there was also a db copy it’s still not working.
I didn’t change anything on my Authenticator.
If I open a ticket the support assert that the QA will handle this problem.
Who is QA? Has anybody seen them the past 5 month?

Same problem here, how can i fix that?

Nobody knows. Support says QA will fix it.

this still broken as i cannot get on

Confirm. Same problem for me today.

Mine hasn’t worked over multiple mirrors, can a dev not respond on this one way or another? Surely not everyone playing on the test server has 2fa turned off???

A new mirror does not reset the 2FA authentication. It happens also to me with the June mirror. Still no 2FA anymore on Tranquility, but the very old Google Authenticator from my old mobile still on SISI.

The workaround:
Just go in the launcher to the E icon on the right top edge, select “Server list” and press the button “Play on Singularity”. It will let you in without the 2FA authentication question. (This works on SISI only).

However, this only working for Singurlarity!
Due to the fact it is working on SISI, the GMs won’t help you (because the ticket system is only for Tranquility) or they don’t know this exception for Singularity. Tickets will just closed without any help for SISI, just with the information “use the properly channels in the forum for any problems with the test server”.

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Mismatch… Uggg and to be fixed next reset?? Hummm

Hey folks,

Apologies for the inconvenience this has been causing on Singularity.

The next mirror will not fix the issue, but I have setup to be able to investigate this issue after the next mirror.

Hopefully we can resolve this issue.

CCP Claymore.


Thanks for looking into this Claymore