Auto-abaddon of wrecks

Finally, EVE online and Warhammer 40k are coming together.

I look forward to more Abaddon the Despoiler showing up automatically on the forums.

Im pretty sure you mean Failbaddon the Harmless

No, armless.

Also, didnt you read the books. This was his plan all along. Destroy Cadia and let the eye of terror grow. JUST AS PLANNED.

Also, why he didnt just ram his ship into the planet like 10,000 years ago is beyond me. Seems like a good strategy.

The planet cracked before the guard did

Uh, the Gaurds didnt crack. WTF are you talking about. This is simple chaos propaganda.

BTW, was it Trazyn who took Creed away? I never figured that one out.

Yah thats what im saying, The planet cracked before the Guard did, Meaning they didnt

I will Punisher you, if you don’t Abaddon the wrecks…

If you leave the belt for more then X number minutes they should automatically be available to anyone to salvage and take the loot from that’s my two cents

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wait… how? what?


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