Auxiliary corporations

Auxiliary corporations that have basic functions (offices, storage, corp hangar, delivery, etc.) but can’t place items down or form alliances. This is really useful for minor alt corps for hauling or other enterprises and could allow main pilots to operate their alt corps without having to switch. So one corporation and one auxiliary corporation with features to act as whichever. Something to think about in the future

What is it that you are asking or proposing or even discussing? Shell/Auxilliary/etc corporations have been in use since forever and ever ago.

I’m talking about classes of corporations with cut down mechanics rather than have full flexibility for your character and adhering to the current “you have to be in THIS corporation” idea. That doesn’t argue against having another corporation on the same pilot but with less features.

There is no need for a separate class of corporation. As the CEO, limit all roles so that no members have starbase/structure management roles or diplomatic roles. This means your corp can’t have any structures and can’t join any alliances unless you, the CEO, make that choice.

Viola! Auxiliary corporation.

Especially now since the wardec mechanics have changed (i.e. you can’t wardec or be wardec if you don’t have structures anchored), choosing to run a corp this way makes perfect sense for small alt corps doing hauling, industry, research, etc. There’s really very little benefit at all to staying in an NPC corp.


I think you should emphasize on the fact that you are proposing “a second concurrent coproration for the character” because it seems that isnt clear for some forum dwellers.

Paragraphs/formatting would have helped, imo.


Ah, yes I did totally miss that. Thanks for clarifying.

I feel like a concurrent secondary corporation would be overkill and needlessly complicated Just use existing mechanics as I described above.

I can literally see no need for this… at all. seems like a killer way to waits time and money

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