Avatar Gameplay Polls and Discussion - WiS & Beyond

You can just edit the initial post, mate.

Once the poll is created I can edit it, but I got to insert a code which I am not familiar with. So let’s start anew.

You could just ask how it works, but hey … sure!

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If you know how it works in detail, please send me an EVE-Mail with instructions and I will see what I can do to make the previous polls public. :slight_smile:

BTW, wasn’t Project Nova canceled?

The closed Alpha was postponed. But the project is in development.

Wait, you want me to log in? No way! : - )

[poll type=regular results=always public=true]

This is how it should look. You only need to change/add “public=true” and it should work. :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! Let’s see how this magic works. Will edit the OP.

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What’s the point of blowing people up in space? Or anything else in EVE?

Some players think it would be fun. So the point is for players to have fun.


So you’d need $60,000,000 to make that part of the game? That’s kinda ludicrous.

EVE is not that kind of game, this idea has failed once already, famously, completely.

If you want to parade around and show off your avatar there are dozens of games that do that, why fk up EVE?

EVE’s not the kind of game where players have fun? Wow, that’s harsh.

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Sorry bro. Getting an error message, saying that I can’t edit a poll after 5 minutes have passed after its creation. Will have to use the new polls.

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/rolleyes Don’t be dishonest.

I’m not being dishonest, just flippant. :slight_smile:

Why assume it would ‘fk up EVE’? The rest of EVE would remain untouched. Let’s face it, CCP needs to hire more devs no matter what they do at this point, because they’ve trimmed so much payroll, they don’t even have a game balance team, they’ve got 2 guys (Fozzie & Rise) working on arguably one of the most important aspects of space combat in their spare time.

My “other” comment: Do it like any other EVE feature, adding/removing dev time as is required to keep both the feature and the game healthy.

No, it would not.

In fact that is really the key sticking point:
What do you do there? Just like with a new ship, “what is it’s purpose, or role?”.

If there is no purpose then there is no point to building it. As soon as you add a purpose then it is interacting with EVE. To have a purpose it must.

Then you get to things like:

  • You have to WiS to pick up missions
  • You have to WiS when you activate a clone


Interesting question, and one that CCP has been able to answer in the past when there have been significant changes to the EVE landscape.

They did it when they introduced wormhole space. They did it when they added abyssal space.

Both of these locations introduced new things to do, or different ways to do things that were already possible elsewhere, without negatively impacting existing gameplay.

There’s no reason the same should not be true for avatar game play with the introduction of spaces inside structures.


Except you’re asking the wrong question. It’s not ‘what do you do there?’ It’s ‘what can you do there?’

Because there’s no reason to make it so that people have to do it there. If they want to keep doing it the way they’re doing it, let them. Nullsec existing doesn’t mean people can’t live in highsec. J-space existing doesn’t mean people have to live in j-space.

EVE’s entire history is one where getting new options doesn’t eliminate old ones. It just gives you more options.


If you want it to NOT be DOA, absolutely. Game development is expensive, and CCP doesn’t have the right kind of talent. That’s why EVE has only ever had minor iterations. Every time they’ve tried to make something from scratch, it has turned out terrible.