Avoid Providence and Sev3rance along with APOC

A few weeks ago I left Sev3rance because they wanted me too leave. So I left the corporation and moved my ships out losing some in the process. I then returned today to pick up my remaining loot after I had tried to trash it and wasn’t able too.

Access too all stations where my loot is being kept as ransom has been denied. Well over a 100 million ISK.

Not only did they attack me without any provocation and destroyed my ship and pod they also locked me out of stations that has loot in it.

So its obvious that I am supposed to give Sev3rance ISK to get my loot back. Won’t happen.

Providence is not the place you think it is. It is a pirate den of smiling liars.

not surprised.

In nullsec

Because you left the alliance. Oh dear, 100million ISK. You can make that in an hour running L4 missions in highsec.

Because this is nullsec and you were removed from the alliance.

It’s like nullsec isn’t supposed to be safe either, Dryson.

When will you ever learn?


Tell us why they don’t want you there.


You should have titled this post “Avoid DrysonBennington as his toxic behavior is bad for the enjoyment of EVE”. It is not very surprising that after you spend time trying to sh*tpost them on the PvP forum that they decide to set you KOS.

In general Providence guys have a decent level of chill and are pretty serious about that “Not Red Don’t Shoot” of theirs. As long as you follow their NRDS and are not a total social retard you can live there as a neutral (or easily join any of the local alliances.)

:popcorn: om nom nom :slight_smile:

You’ll have to ask them and their representatives out of game that question.

Dryson fails in nullsec, then he comes back to Highsec and fails again!

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Based on your zkillboard you are more likely to fight with a group than by yourself, why is that?

No solo PvP skills or just to scared.

Didn’t you post a forum thread right after you got kicked, calling for everybody to come kill Provi?

Personally I’d consider that plenty of provocation.

The incitement was started by Sev3rance, not me. No matter how they try too spin it, they started the fight.

Yes, of course. You could never be wrong, could you? :roll_eyes:

do you really consider “whoring on Concord kills” as pvp skills?
because as far as I’m concerned, you’re simply projecting your own inaptitude in this thread and every other you ever started… :joy:

You just left a nullsec alliance with 15 corporations, let alone the fact that they operate in a coalition.

I, frankly, do not enjoy playing EVE alone. I think you will find that 90% of my PVP is <10 pilots, and probably 75% <5 pilots.

Have you considered the possibility that you have more solo kills than I do because no one wants you as part of their group?


Because people have friends, and make friends.

People who cant, end up like you. Kicked, and losing assets and ships, and crying about it in the forums for all to see.

You say it as if it was a bad thing.


I get the feeling you’re the kind of pilot who thinks everything he does is great, and everything that goes wrong is somebody else’s fault. Logic or facts be damned: everybody is out to get you!

You couldnt see this coming, huh?

Asset safety? Is it not available to you for some reason?

Also, 100 million. Big spender. Thats the same amount of modules i left in Stain when we moved from there 4 years ago. Still there BTW.

Maybe you shouldve been nicer to them.

Providence is the most accepting NRDS community ive ever met. Some of the most honorable, accepting corporations and alliances, live out there.

So, naturally, im not surprised you dont get along with them.


I got along with them fine…it was the exterior forces involved that made them not get along with me. Talk to them about the Chaya incident.

From the darkness of the dungeon she rises as the flames burn all around as she licks her war hammer, the rot running its hands through her hair as it persuades her to like him for as long as it suits his desires…then nothing shall remain, save the dry river bed and her twitching arm as she fights to keep from being swallowed by the soil.


You may have gotten along with them, but they clearly didnt get along with you.

“I loved her, and i stalked her, and i sent her pictures of my naked self, but she didnt have the same feelings towards me and called the cops on me. See? Our relationship was perfectly normal”.

Thats how you sound right now.