Away from keyboard indicator

It would be helpful to add a small afk indicator. The player should be able to set it manually, it could appear next to his portrait in the chat window or in the corp list or in some other way. It could be as simple as red/green dot.

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Why? What purpose does it serve.

Probably to indicate when a player is AFK. I could be wrong though.


This is EVE. we know more people would be at keyboard and faking it as a trap than actually using it for it’s intended purpose.


This is so silly I can’t even form a proper response.

which is silly? the idea of the AFK indicator, or Nevyns response. Cause frankly, Nevyn has the perfect response to the topic at hand.

Yes, because any system that can be used to “trap” people should absolutely be avoided.

I guess we should add an “Auto dock after being afk in space X minutes” feature

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I wonder how many people that would agree with Nevyn are also the sort of people that claim “sCaMs MaKe EvE wHaT iT Is”

Not to mention the very obvious fix of, I don’t know, removing the indicator when you undock.

I know, thinking of fixes is hard, bitching is easy.

Not at all. But a system should add meaningful value to the game in its intended purpose, and that purpose should be the most common result of the system.
If an abuse or trap is the most likely outcome, then the system is failing in some way (unless it’s intended to be a trap)

Honestly, if you really think that people falling for this “trap” is an actual issue, and outweighs the benefits… I can’t convince you otherwise.

Well, you could start by actually… listing some things you believe are benefits. I mean that is the question I asked. Before you started with smart ass replies.

Actually, you asked what purpose it would serve, which I explicitly answered - It serves to indicate when a player is AFK. Surely you can infer some situations in which someone might want to know that. I’m absolutely not going to explain the benefits of a feature that nearly every widely-used chat platform has had for decades.

Our characters are never AFK, even if we are logged out or are AFK as players.

So -1 from me, because our characters don’t know we exist as such. EVE exists as an alternate reality and an AFK flag makes no sense from that perspective,

Also -1 because if that is player settable, it can’t be trusted anyway.


If I put “I don’t know how to PVP” in my bio… that shouldn’t be trusted, right? Therefore bios should be removed.

No, you answered what it does. Not what the purpose of it is.
Example. What is the purpose of a car. Your answer “It is a car”.
See how that doesn’t answer the question.

Because I currently don’t see any valuable purpose behind having an afk flag.

The purpose of a car is to drive. The purpose of an AFK indicator is to indicate when you’re AFK.

Why do you think we need a AFK indicator??

In some timeline filled with stupid analogies, perhaps.

Bio’s don’t serve a purpose to indicate whethere someone is AFK. That’s what is being discussed here.

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Sorry, I forgot I was in the timeline wherein we had to trust this potential indicator as the only source of truth about someone’s activity level.