AFK Gameplay is discouraged

Unless you are cloaked.

Solution: New ship type with module and skill.

I present the Hunter class ship. This small ship (Frigate, Destroyer, or Cruiser) would have the unique ability to fit a Flux Probe Launcher capable of scanning for cloaked entities.

Balancing: The probes would have HORRIBLE scan resolution, giving active players plenty of time to play cat and mouse and evade detection. Conversely an AFK player would be discovered and eliminated.


If they have horrible scan resolution, you would not be able to scan down covert ops ships as they are frigs with small Sig radius.

As for the idea, it has been proposed before in so so so so many ways. It hasn’t ever been acted upon. Sorry, cloaked ships are a part if eve.

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Rebalance: Can only detect cloak, poor resolution comparable to the sig radius.

As for “Nobody made them listen before” types of comments, I don’t care how many times it has gone unheard. The right idea at the wrong time, is still right. I don’t know if mine is right, but you never know when the right time is either.

Is this just one guy and many alts on a crusade, or are there so many Carebears?


You act like you never ran across a carebear sentinel before. That alt sitting cloaked, potentially alerting lazy miners and ratters, providing security at no risk.

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how about a button you have to click at random times to stay docked up in the station and if you dont press it in time you get kicked out into space


CCP loves AFK gameplay so much that they avoid talking about it at e-vegas, round tables, CSM summits, and Fan Fest… for fawks sake it’ll never be fixed.

hell fozzie had a presentation of the next batch of citadels coming and he intentionally skipped all over the fawking OBSERVATORIES WHICH WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE END OF ALL AFK CLOAKING…

when this will happen??? hell only knows…



Going AFK is bad so we must punish all the things.


Ban alts!!! :smiley:


They already have a solution for AFK cloaking. You can’t earn ISK or get kills when cloaked, so it’s a non-issue.


Not really the right idea, not sure about time, but definitely the wrong forum. Seriously, General Discussion has trolls, Player Features and Ideas has mods that keep the discussion on topic (focused on your idea).

You’re annoyed by afk cloakers, but realize that the harassment they provide IS an accepted form of gameplay and interdiction. They interdict PVE activities, and CCP definitely wants to reduce the biggest ISK faucet in the game.

And for additional food for thought for you, what about active, valid cloakers that are simply performing a task or mission that takes a long time. Specifically: it may take half an hour or more to scout where the enemy is, it may take 4-5 hours of watching a gate and reporting intruders for proper defense, people could be waiting at an exploration site out in lowsec or 0.0 for hours trying to catch a clueless explorer, and it may take a long time to navigate (safely cloaked) through wormhole space until you find your way home.

And incidentally, a popular request for “dealing” with AFK cloakers is to remove the local chat channel. You won’t even know they’re there, problem solved.


Lol you say that as if AFK-Alt’s didn’t exist.

Plus every cloaker is an Omega, either plexing or subscribing their account.


What bothers me the most is that a player can sit AFK cloaked until ■■■■■■■ down time, what about an autolog feature for cloaked ships… If you’re afk cloaked (mouse hasn’t moved) for more then 30 minutes you safe-log.

Something has to be done, this â– â– â– â–  is broken as â– â– â– â– .

That way you at least know the cloaked player is active and is a potential threat. With the way it is now people can netflix and chill and be afk-cloaked in your system for days on end with no repercussions.

Feel free to tell me how someone not at their keyboard is earning ISK beyond what can be done in station, and please link me the killmail of someone who killed you with an active cloak.

AFK people are a non issue because…they aren’t at their computer. They by definition can’t hurt you.

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If it were up to me local chat would work like it does in WH space. :slight_smile:

It’s not about earning ISK.
It’s not about whether they can hurt you or not.

What happens with most players is they either dock up and log off bc of the cloaked afker for hours in system. That’s no fun. Because they CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

What happens in my case is I try to bait the cloaked player into actually playing the game rather than sitting AFK. Which in most cases it’s just someone sitting AFK keeping others from playing. That’s no fun either.

So you see? Both ways, it’s crap and needs better mechanics.

How about this, if you have sov, you push a button and the cloaking device on all cloakers in your system goes into overheat mode. If they’re at the keyboard they can turn off the overheat mode; if they’re AFK their cloak will burn itself out shortly, and you can probe them and wipe them out. Also, pushing the button reduces all PVE rewards (ore, loot, bounties, everything) in that solar system to 5% of normal, for 24 hrs.


How do you bait someone when they are afk? That must be painfully boring…because AFK?

Or… here’s a thought. Instead of just docking up and logging off just go about your day with a little bit of extra caution.

Make sure you are in fleet and on comms for for pvp and go about ratting. Yes your ticks will be smaller. But small ticks are better than no ticks. And if he does try and jump on you. Either kill him, since you are pvp fit. Or hold him long enough for your friends to do it.

If everyone does that, then he will move on sooner or latee since you will have made the system too hostile to operate in.