#B4R #c4w3

#B4R #c4w3

Ladies and Gents,
My in-game name is Varaxian and at one point in time, I was also known as GM Rust. I am a very close friend (chosen family) of c4w3 (Jonas King Sjösten).

On January 2nd, c4’s son, Rasmus Sjösten, lost his battle with depression and mental illness. c4, his family, and the members CORP1 who befriended him and his son are devastated.

c4 himself has been struggling with his own medical issues (as many know from him having to cancel his keynote presentation for Care4Kids at Fanfest), and this has caused its own set of financial burdens.

In short, he and his family need assistance generating the funds for his son’s funeral. By his request, I have been tasked to organize the GoFundMe to accomplish this. If you can spare even the smallest amount, it is much appreciated.

Therefor, I am now broadcasting for reps on his behalf…


Its a very sad day, he was such an amazing boy.

We will miss you Rasmus Xxx

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