Back after a few years seems the game has gone downhill

what you can just buy skills now ? free skills/exp basically from killing NPCs ?

is it even worth playing anomore ? part of the fund was it took a long time to get skills , and ppl were able
to specialize , I did a one month deal just to , see what has changed this skill thing bothers me the most.


I don’t know about you but trying to introduce the game to my friends and tell them “oh, yeah, it’ll take you 3 months to train skills and specialize into what you want to do” wasn’t very useful.

You can still specialize, if that’s what you’re looking for. If you also want to wait a long time, you can still do that too. I’m not sure what the problem is since the things you want to (wait a long time and specialize) are still things you can do.


10k SP for popping an NPC is not going to do much on a Level 5 skill.


Welcome back to Eve.

Yeah, the free ‘Skilling Spree’ event makes it much easier for new players to get started and the main reason for CCP selling ‘Skills On Demand’ is to make money.

As for ‘Specialized’ careers, most skill requirements have been reduced to allow faster engagement with that content.

So as for your question, is Eve worth playing anymore? That’s something for you to decide. I suggest you keep an open mind and check out various career choices available in-game during your 1 month Omega deal.

May you have much success and good luck.



It seems you also missed you can play for free.

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Bering able to skill up in some things quickly allows people to close part of the gap caused by 15 years

As to the skilling spree and other changes, think of it something different rather than the same old dead rotting fish that caused so many people to leave.

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i feel u bro!!

but the game is still fun! i found a awesome corp and if u have some nice friends to do stuff together eve is gold! and for real, atm eve online is the best option u will find on the mmorpg market!

all the other games got 100% more handholding and more carebear stuff than eve! so just give it a chance! i know the new carebear stuff sucks but i still have hope that some day devs gonna start to listen to their majority of customers and hardcore fans!! i still regret it that years ago i never gave eve a fair chance! now i only can play this version of eve which sucks somehow (i would 100% switch to some older and better version of eve without the free carebear stuff and p2w system if i could but there isnt any pserver right now so we can only hope someday this will change)

just dont buy plex, injectors or anything from the online shop and just ignore the free stuff ccp throws at u!!!
if they dont listen to us on the forums we have to talk through our credit cards by not using em!! this kind of protest seems to work in other mmos, then it should work in eve too! or maybe some sort of burn jita event, shooting the station for like 1month 24/7, i bet they wont ignore this!


if they start to listen again, i gonna start to give em money again! :wink:

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Don’t worry, you can still take a long time to get skills. You are still able to specialize. If waiting a long time to do something is a thrill for you, you’ve come to the right place!

As far as buying skills goes, EVE always had that. They called it ‘subbing’ though. And ‘Character Bazaar’.

The skills for killing NPCs is an event. Lasts a couple weeks. Not a game feature.

Sorry mate but if that is the only thing that you are looking at than more fool you. I think that there is a lot of very good content here now if you look for it.

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You came back “after few years”. Played for proble few days, you saw current event and already got opinion about EVE?

Try actual game and then decide. EVE is not like before and it will change in future, but its for you to decide if you have fun.

^ This has to be my favorite part of any post ever. I genuinely can’t tell if you’re serious. You seem to be saying that part of the “fun” in the game is waiting for your skills to train. But you can still wait for your skills to train. In fact, if you really enjoy the waiting, you can even wait some more after they’re already trained. In fact, what you COULD do to make the game even more fun is . . . pause your skill queue and just wait. Why not?


Buy year long of omega/sub. Put skill queue for year, logout and never login during that year. Best game ever.


While I’m still not happy with the mere existence of skill trading, you can always choose not to partake.

The SP for shooting a rat is a temporary gimmick to draw in players old and new.
It’s just marketing - and again - temporary.
It also happens to make you undock to get those points, so it gets people actively playing - even if just for a short while.

–Gadget welcomes you back

Getting ahead with skills will cost alot of isk to buy the injectors and what not so it can still take alot of time and you can still be behind on alot of things. Im over 105 mil sp and theres still some subcaps I cant fly (Triglaav mostly.)

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Better to be ahead of free 10k SP than nothing. Event is for new players and it helps to start doing what you like without “create character, do tutorial, set up skill queue, go back playing after few weeks”.


I agree 100%, I have over 215 mill SP’s trained in over 11 yrs and there’s still sub-caps that I can’t pilot.

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Same, with 110M SP I lack Amarr BS V, all BC V, and black ops (need 43D).
Also ore ships .
But trigs are almost all V (actually the BS is training to V in a few days, and then train large trig guns to V and spec it to IV)

On the other hand I only have heavy drones IV and sentry III …

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