Back to the futur with Eve Online ( spatio-temporalité )

PLEASE CCP more dynamic !!!
“media way” to introduce eve online in the world best game ever existed !
Thank you for introducing a new dynamic by introducing spatio-temporality trivglavan (cf regular filament or filament pochven ).
_Can you introduce a new game dynamic by integrating modules or devices or vessels, in the logical continuation of spatio-temporality ( triviglan and edencom mix )?
_Let me explain: Can you introduce elements to manufacture “impossible”, but only by integrating spatio-temporal POS" which have the property of accelerating time in an exotic way?
_What will make more rare and expensive skill books, expensive new modules, expensive new POS, etc. make people to “extend time” skill ( plex and omega account ) and expensive strategic POS ( money from plex, pve, market )
_ A way to reward former players or veterans ( high skill )

spa : You should know that space time spatio temporalité are real ( see Wikipedia Einstein ), but produce them artificially its EVE ONLINE.

Thanks in advance et thanks anyway

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