Bad internet in EVE

(Red Rhue) #1

I’ve been playing eve for about a month now, and have had a good amount of fun; engaged in PVE, exploration, mining and a bit of trading. Got blown up a few times due to my own noobish ambition by other players; all fine by me.

Though, my internet connection is notoriously ‘iffy’ at best, but have had good success in running l1-l3 missions. That was, until a internet hiccup caused me to lose not one, but two Drakes to rats through no fault of my own. (Details being, I activate an acceleration gate, wait a few minutes and when I finally warp to the next area, I hear all the shield/armor warning noises and now I’m in a pod.)

So, now that I’m fully discouraged from any sort of combat, what can I do instead to enjoy EVE? I’ve found exploration to be a bit less fun due to my issues as well, as I’m going to be in dangerous space and the hacking minigame’s response time is downright frustrating.

(Winston Onzo) #2

you could befriend a friend or two, who will run missions with you to ensure you don’t die upon warping to a room.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #3

eve does pretty poorly with a bad connection hard for me to suggest continuing to play. I’ve lost a bunch of stuff to crappy internet.

if you really want to stick at it you can fit a bunch of extra tank to your ships and most of the time that should be enough to stay alive, but no promises.

(ISD Sakimura) #4

Do you active tank your Drake?, if so you should maybe consider to switch to passive tank. It should be able to handle L1-3 missions almost indefinitely.

(Lexie Huren) #5

I wish I had some good suggestions. I struggle with hardware and internet issues. I can manage the boring activities alright, but the fun ones test my patience. Especially hacking data and relic sites. If it didn’t take up to 3 or 4 seconds for each node to reveal, I’d spend most of my time in wormholes.