Living in Cambodia - Is there hope for EVE?

I mulled putting this post in ‘Issues & Workarounds’ but I think I don’t think it fits. I currently live in Cambodia and will continue living here for the foreseeable future. I tried playing EVE (for the first time in years) and the response time was total poop. I tell my ship to move and there’s about a 2 second delay. PvP + 2 second delay = death. My internet download speed is about 500 - 600 kb/s. I tried playing with a 4G hotspot which gets me a download speed of around 5 mb/s but surprisingly, I had the same reaction time. I think it’s just because Cambodia is really far from EVE servers, so if I’m right about that then that means there is really no hope for me to play EVE properly is there? I really hope I’m wrong. If there is one thing forum denizens are good at, it’s proving people wrong.

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Use and you can see whats really going on with your connection… if your ping is like 900 plus… you will always have a lag issue .

Don’t even bother, this game has already run its course.

Download and upload speeds are important for receiving information in a timely fashion. However what may be even MORE important is something called Bufferbloat. Its basically your upload latency. This is what most heavily effects my IC with my location and technology from the ISP. I live in an older building with dial up… so yea, welcome to the club of having to play on your phone to get better speeds than your lane tech. Sigh.

I tried a few things to help, and some did, but not enough. Essentially, you need better ISP - Internet. If you are unable to move, and unable to find and utilize a high speed ISP … you may be ■■■■ out of luck.

Gaming routers have software that help with bufferbloating but that requires a bit of high speed download bandwidth… in which your case, as well as mine, I get near 7MB/s down and .7MB/s up on a dual DSL line. Which I had the tech tell me I am actually only using one of those lines for some reason, has to do with the wiring in the building.

You should either, consider moving to where you get basic cable or dsl, high speed or fiber, or… find a wifi solution and then use a gaming router to help mitigate the lag and bufferbloating. Satalite ISP or DISH, as it would be in the USA… like Direct Tv or something.

There is also a few options but they may be costly and not available in your country. IDK, but Something like the pinnaple wifi router could be a solution for you, or at least, a wifi router that has its own ISP outside of your cable netwroks available. You may end up paying a premim though, so do some research.

Bufferbloat will make Eve and any online game unplayable, just as much as your download lag… its actually worse imo, cause at least DL lag, you can anticipate and click ahead of time to beat the punch but with upload lag, you just wait for the servers to ping back to your client.

Good Luck Pilot!

yea but its still fun to play! Especially for those just finding or catching the time to do so.

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Fun my arse.

It’s Farmville in space now.

Won’t last long.

What does?

We are among the ones who experience the 6th mass extinction. We think we got biger problem mate. Fun for some. maybe not you… just because you dont like it, don’t mean others dont. The world doesn’t revolve around YOU…

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So bugger off and let those of us who don’t agree with you continue to enjoy it.

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Haha, yea cant argue with that fo sho.

And yes, Eve now revolves around risk-averse carebearism.

And I jumped ship ages ago.


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