Trivia is not matching reality

My latency is 26 to 28 ms download 2.6 to 7.6 Mbps and upload 0.68 to 0.76 Mbps

Working off ROG Strix II Asus laptop… which basically has 4 antenna ( two optimal ones getting picked)

$100 bounty to anyone with advanced knowledge who can offer a complete solution.

So ive just quoted my recent set of speed tests roughly averaged using different simple google speed test sites. Here is the thing. When looking at the download speed of elderscrolls online patcher says 150 kbps download speed, but pornhub disagrees getting beyond that 7 megs.

I just keep noticing this common trend of MMO’s not getting the same love from my signal and it is NOT latency. At least not any that seem detectable.

I am a truck driver and I have a few great spots that work great for streaming netflix and responds damn near instantly when skipping around videos. Occationally i am able to log in and response type, seems fine. ESO runs smooth when there isnt a patch and the download speed is selectively throttled just for the patcher, but again porn downloads is untouched. Again latency does not appear to be a real issue.

I’ve purchased wifi from a truck stop and im getting the same issue of getting stuck being told “loading bulk data” when getting into EVE.

I dont care if i have to pay $500 for a hotspot device ( did once already, and I have verizon but i think my phones hardware is maybe not very good because usb tethering seems worse than wifi hotspot) or $2000 for a Satellite dish… but so far my year of looking into this problem has resulted in nothing working. I just want to play eve during my time off, not constantly jerk off.

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then don’t complain !

clear your cache maybe ? check files integrity too.

Post of the year. Eve is better than porn? When?

I need elaborations.

Are you talking about your internet while on the road, or where?
Is it a mobile internet, or at resting spots? (whatdoyacallthose?)
You write phone, but also talk “satellite dish” … would that sit on your truck?

Sorry, your post is a bit unclear to me.
Would you please run next time you have trouble with MMOs?

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