Balance about the rorqual defense and invulnerability

Since rorqual can easily have like 45k defense when industrial core activate, and with the panic it can be tank at least 5 more minutes.

I think the industrial core should remove 100% ECM resistance and have like 70%~90% sensor strength penalty.

This change will make the rorqual choose between the high defense or invulnerability when skilled hunter contest it.
If a rorqual overestimate its defense, a ecm ship would likely prevent it from panic.
or it can keep in low defense mode and be ready to panic in anytime.

This change will mostly not change any combat rorqual and it 100+ sensor strength would still make it a alternative to HIC in some situation.

And the 100% ECM resistance in a rorqual seem to be a little weird. Does it have any meaning except for a copypaste from siege and triage…

I think skilled rorqual pilot vs skilled hunter would make it have more fun.

the balance is pretty good as is. the more prepared gang tends to win. be it the ones attacking or the defense fleet

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When a skilled hunter goes after a Rorqual it’s dead within 6 minutes.

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