Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core

So ill hold my hands up and admit i am an old school bitter vet from the good old days. But i have also very much enjoyed my return to the game this last year or so. But one of the main things i cant get my head around is the Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core.

Things in game are supposed to have balance or counter play to encourage actual content and things blowing up no? So why the hell when null sec blobs have intel channels for vast regions of space, Intel bots, Ansiplex to get anywhere at any time, standing fleet and super/ cap umbrellas did CCP believe it was a good idea to give a ship a big fat button that makes its whole fleet invunrable for 5+ Minutes from 200km away… Where is the balance/ counterplay? Or is it just another tool to encourage multi boxers to sub 20 more accounts because they know they are almost ungankable?


The PANIC is the counterplay to the immobilization of the Indu Core. If you don’t want the PANIC, you will lose he immobilization of the Indu Core and Rorquals can just GTFO at any point.

The counterplay is furthermore to find the Rorquals that are not under the protective cyno umbrella. or to bait-trigger a response on one Rorqual while lining up another Rorqual in a different system for actual killing.

Not the PANIC is the issue but the ability to have tons of Rorquals in the same belt simultaneously. CCP “fixed” that by making the Rorqual useless for mining, turned it back into a pure boosting and compression ship. It removed the Rorquals from the belts but created a lot of frustration. Typical for CCP.

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