Battle Rorqual Counters

Fleet i was in ended up going against some entosis battle rorquals. So got me thinking, what besides destroying the rorquals could we counter them with. Looking at the industrial core you can’t damp or jam them out of the entosis cycle and with the 90% fatigue reduction they’re free to cyno from beacon to beacon without ever building up fatigue. We tried to kill their cynos over and over but that’s not really a counter and all it did was slow them down a tiny amount.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts

You could bring a fleet big enough to keep it locked in system and kill it, Rorqual also have a huge penalty (5x) for using Entosis Link, granted that it may be tough to kill.

My understanding is they’re using tech 2 entosis so only a 2.5 x penalty relative to t1, we are very much typically out gunned and have supers dropped to make us run away regularly. We’ve previously been able to jam out FAUX that they’ve used but now they’ve switched to rorquals which can be made unjammable.

I guess do industrial cores really offer 100% ecm immunity or could lockbreaker bombs work

Neut the ■■■■ out of them and then rip them apart because they cant rep.

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This is not correct, capital ancillary shield boosters are a thing, and so are passive hardeners, a properly fit rorqual is able to take quite a bit of harassment

You could spam local with saulty and dirty mens so he would die cause of crazy laughing.

Torp Bombers with Focused Void Bombs.
LOTS of Bombers.

Seek outside help. From what you are describing, there is a chance to bait out some supers and net a roq kill too. I would seek out groups that like to kill supers and help bait the supers out.

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