why is there an invulnerable cyno lighting ship in eve? this is a bug or a feature?
looks like a bug so im posting here.

May you be so kind to actually name what you mean?

rorqual in panic mode?

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“invulnerable cyno” same thing

It is a temporary shield that depletes in x minutes. Just stick around, they cannot go away.
Oh… you can’t handle a respone fleet… well, time for you and your alts to HTFU. Or just pick your targets more tactically. Not every ship is a loot piñata. You have to put in an effort.


It’s literally lazy game design because they didn’t know anything else to put in.


CCP make it easy for caps because null sec CSM.


From what i understand, the rorq has to have an asteroid targeted for panic to work, ergo your solution appears to be quite simple, ECM and damps to prevent the rorq from being able to enter panic to begin with, so this “problem” can easily be negated by players being smart


Or a cyno jammer.

It’s a feature.

Either know your self and your enemy and win a thousand battles because you know their response fleet cannot match yours, or bring a cyno jammer and hope he isn’t paying attention enough to destroy it.

Sun tzu taught me many things. Crying isn’t one of them, though.

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ok got it, roam in a rook which is basically f~~~ng useless and hope tank lasts long enough or they dont notice you tackling them or dropping a cyno inhib…

also prepare blob before hand because 200 super cap pilots are easy to come by…

tf combat ceptors got nerfed eh? defo made null more dangerous.

making sense of sun tzu’s writings clearly wasnt one either <3


seriously though how do you even jam something with 115 sensor strength… before skills are applied?

You wouldn’t. Dont listen to these people who say you should jam a rorqual, that’s just chance based. What’s more of an actual method is to use cyno jammers and a good idea of what your opponent can field.

Take a look at brave and their recent loss of rorquals, as well as 6 supercaps that came to save those rorqs. If you know your opponent, you can crush them. Otherwise, if you’re an idiot and done out to delve hoping to kill a rorqual, you’ll have to be either very lucky or lose a ton of ships.

Actually my application of sun tzu was spot on there.

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there should be, under NO circumstances in game
an invulnerable cyno, not even if that window is 10 seconds, let alone a minute or more.

Or you know, bring friends, you would use a falcon over a rook anyway because of the cov ops cloak and you just bridge it with a black ops, you have options, you just need to actually think outside of the box, this is EVE :stuck_out_tongue:


–Helpful Gadget


If i cyno with my hel, youre not going to kill me anytime soon, unless you bring 80 dreads or 50 titans. Whats the difference here?

Someone got blown up trying to do a gank? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the difference being is you could drop 100 titans onto a rorq and still cant put a dent in it?