Balancing books 9 of 10

hi, i am kind of stuck on this mission, how do i bought two from the market but when i try to drag them it goes into my fitting ship. How do I combine two of them? Thanks

To stack items in your Items Hangar, press Shift key and drag one item onto the other one.

The same can be done for splitting stacks. Press Shift key and drag / drop the stack somewhere in the Items hangar.

These questions and threads should be posted in New Citizens Q&A sub-forum.

Also Uniwiki has a lot of info available. Lastly you can do a google search for guides and youtube videos…

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If they are going into your ship fitting you may be using the wrong window.

Use the inventory button in the neo-com and make sure you are putting the items into your cargo hold.

They may not stack if you have unpackaged them (happens when you fit an item to your ship). I don’t think it’s necessary for completing the mission but you can stack them again by right clicking on them and pressing ‘package’. Then you can right click on an inventory space and ‘stack all’.

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