Barking Cat Industries [MOAW] seeking an alliance

Hey good morning.

I am looking for an alliance to park my skill farm. I’m looking for something in high-sec, or an alliance that does not mind me operating solely in high-sec.

A little about me? I have been running MOAW for about 4 years and the farm has finally reached a point where I can relax and start enjoying the profits. The entire corporation is me, no other players. When I’m not sucking out brain juice I’m usually executing trade routes, restocking a PI factory, or building something. Every so often I take the fleet out for mining. I can offer logistics throughout high-sec, Orca support, industrial/research lines, and 10+ years of EVE experience in a broad range of activities. Mostly wormhole ops and the EVE API.

Basically, I have very little time to play EVE and, when I do, I would like to help a corp out.

If you’re interested in teaming up, drop me a mail, or feel free to join the “Barking Cat” channel where you will find one of my many personalities.

Can’t form an alliance? I can help with that…


Something witty should go here…

Oh that sweet market order history tab. Thank goodness!

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