Bastion module using capacitor recharge on Paladin

Upon energizing the Bastion module in my Paladin, my capacitor recharge drops down to 6 mins capacity… This action doesn’t happen when I use my Golem… this started happening after the last update around 1 March 2021… I’m not sure when the update was as I’ve been without power for the last couple of weeks due to weather… Any quick responses to my problem with the Bastion module on the Paladin… ?? Thanks in advance… !!

Your paladin and the other marauders have been changed and got a couple changes, most importantly a massive dps buff. The weapons now shoot twice as fast in bastion and bastion only pins you down half as long.

You may want to readjust the fit and perhaps add capacitor at the cost of dps if you want to have more cap, as you should have enough dps now anyway.

You were correct… !! I added a cap recharger in the mids and that solved the problem so well…!!

just use a 2k dps sniper pali… nuff said

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