Marauder Feedback - Faster web cycle time

Since most of forum posts for the “Bastions of War” update are toxic , i’m going to put this all in here.

I have been testing out a Paladin Ratting fit on the test server, and think it is a nice update. But I have noticed that now my guns cycle faster my web can’t keep up. I think it would help it you reduced the cycle time for webifiers and Grapplers to be more inline with the cycle time you would expect from the guns fitted to it wile in bastion mode.
PS: a cap drain reduction for guns wile in bastion mode wouldn’t hurt :wink:

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And why did you write a redundant post? 50% of your points were discussed in the actual dev blog topic.

Closed for redundancy. Please use the feedback thread so it’s easier to keep track of feedback. Thank you.

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