Battle for the planet

I apologize for my English. I propose to complicate the capture of planets-the battle for the planet. A more complex process will lead to the emergence of a new direction in the economy - the production of soldiers, armored vehicles, weapons and equipment (Hello DUST 514), a new type of ship - landing ships - for the first delivery of troops.
Now more detail:

  1. Corporations will have at their disposal new planetary structures:
  • Plant cloning (production) soldiers (light infantry, medium infantry, heavy infantry, elite infantry)
  • Plant for the production of armored vehicles (light, medium, heavy)
  • Plant on production of ammunition and equipment (expendables for supply of army).
  1. The production of armies can deal with corporations that are involved in wars, or just provide mercenaries for wars of corporations of the planet. The stages capture the enemy of the planet:
  1. Purchase or production of the army and its equipment (for example, in the menu of the spacecraft equipment). In this case ammunition and equipment of one unit is copied on 10000 same.
  2. loading the army on landing ships and delivery of the ship to the orbit of the enemy planet
  3. deployment of a landing ship (a New type of ship for each faction) in the orbit of the planet and landing on the planet for 1-3 hours.
  4. calculation of the game losses the attacking player when landing from the air defense (if it has one) for 1 hour.
  5. calculation of the game outcome of the battle between the army attacking and the army the defense of the planet 1-2 days (polhena player swedne on the balance of forces every 3 hours). During the battle, the enemy can send reinforcements, if no enemy fleet.
  6. the Occupation of the planet by the enemy (10 000 soldiers-3 days 15 000 2 days, 20 000 -1 day).
  7. the Capture of the planet

The battle on the planet will look like a flash game, or just rasset game outcome of the battle based on the overall firepower of the army.
Required if this element of the game - I don’t know, but I think it diversifies the game.

eve is an internet spaceship game, it should stay in spaceships in space

The part you left out is the business case. We want the existing developers to continue working on the current game - there are more than enough opportunities to improve the existing game to keep them busy.

That means hiring new staff to develop the new content - where’s the money coming to pay them? Will the new content increase revenue sufficiently to cover the cost?

CCP obviously doesn’t think so - ideas for extending Eve into new genres like Dust and WIS have not worked. For now at least, they appear to be focusing on what they’re good at - internet spaceships. We should encourage them to keep doing that!

They tried this with Dust. It failed horribly.

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