Battle venture

I need ideas for a fit that could kill a venture really fast well also begin a venture so I can blend in

This will do if the other venture is not using a medium shield extender, plus rig + dc

[Venture, Venture Gank]
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler

Light Neutron Blaster II
Light Neutron Blaster II

Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

Void S x24

Thank you I have many ventures to “liberate”

This is one of the fits that I use. Has decent tank in case they drop drones, or they have friends. It gets like 130 dps (I’m not at my pc, so that’s approximate) with hail ammo and pair of hobgoblin II’s and decent skills. You only really want to use hail if the target is stationary since it lowers your tracking, and 200mm autocannons track slower than smaller caliber ones.

You could swap over to faction ammo to get the tracking up if they’re moving (orbiting a rock or something). Or you can try a build that uses 150mm or 125mm AC’s instead it’ll free up some cpu and pg for something like a pair of faint epsilon or t2 scrams for the increased range incase you land a little far away from them and they start to notice you and plan to leave.

Also if you’re looking for just raw dps, swap the resist rigs for a burst and collision aerator and go with blasters instead of AC’s. I mean its only a venture with 2 un-bonused turret slots and only 2 drones it can only do so much. But I’d bet with rigs, t2 blasters w/void and perfect gun/drone skills you could probably get 150-170 dps (I’ve never tried to max one out so i don’t actually know).

All that being said a lot of ventures you’ll run into will be untanked, or only lightly, so they’re not going to have a lot of HP so unless you find the random one someone has bothered to fit with resist rigs, some med. Shield extenders and a DC2. So you’re probably going to melt them in 8-10 seconds. If they are tanked, it’ll take a bit. Also be sure to fit dual scrams, since otherwise they can just leave (assuming they’re not afk). If they have a warp core stab, you’ll likely lose them, but that’s not many of them in my experience.


I built ventures when I was newer just for low sec but I was an alpha so it went so/so

Nice fit with the armor plates

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Thank you, it’s a modified version of a fit this guy uses it’s pretty tanky (obviously not enough for that ishkur that jumpped in the belt with me, but decent ;^)

Well, nice video, by the way, seeing mining ships on dscan doesn’t trigger botters and here is proof:


man how’d he get the wreaked by drones

The procurers were running mostly neuts and the ventures didn’t have a lot of range, mining ships have no bonus range for guns, this is why makes sense using autocannons or arties or even missiles

Nice cheep fit as well

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Yeah most of my ships are super cheap, I almost never use t2 rigs webs, scrams, and usually use meta guns, unless it’s only a few of them (like on frigates). Most of the cost of my fits are faction ammo, and t2 drones and guns.

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Just went onto workbench to try making a max dps venture fit

Fit v1: Fit: Venture, Battle Venture (200DPS blaster fit) by Zedva Operati | EVE Workbench

Fit v2 (with polarized blasters): Fit: Venture, Battle Venture (239DPS polarized blaster fit) by Zedva Operati | EVE Workbench

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Shouldn’t you fit at least one scram to prevent the target from escaping?

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Ok, I added a scram to both fits, but I just made those fits to see what the most(there is probably something I’m missing, but yeah) dps I could get out of a venture was.

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