Polarized Venture

189 dps overheated. 5.5m isk. The Venture is OP.

[Venture, Polarized]
Heat Sink II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler

Core Probe Launcher II
Polarized Small Focused Pulse Laser
Polarized Small Focused Pulse Laser

Small Energy Burst Aerator I
Small Energy Collision Accelerator I

Hobgoblin II x2

Core Scanner Probe I x8
Conflagration S x2


But why?

Makes people underestimate you.
And, for the lulz.

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:red_circle: You certainly get lols from that. :smiley:


Use polarized small neutron blasters and get even more damage.

And if someone sneezes on it it dies.

A roaming gang of these would be hilarious.

Use prospects and blops drop on people with them.

Creative, imaginative and best of all CHEAP! Fly several and assist drones to the leader. Probably looking at over 700dps for every 5 from drones alone. What ship can you build for 27.5mil that cranks out 700dps?


Also +2 built in warp core for “tatical retreats” lol


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